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DHP419 series of PP Yarn Stretching Machine
  • Mainly used for textile all kinds of high-length all-oriented polypropylene filament, can be used as geotextile, filter cloth, stay with belt, rope, engineering fiber.
  • DHP419 series of PP Yarn Stretching Machine

  • description
  • DHP419 series of PP Yarn Stretching Machine

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    The main technical parameters:


    Equipment characteristics

    1 Maximum capacity up to 2500m/min, highly productive, brilliant reliability, good return on investment.

    2 Fully integrated spinning-control system

    3 Compact size, space friendly.

    4 Yarn Strength up to 7g/d

    Product Scope

    The equipment is used for spinning multi-types of poplypropylene high-tenacity multifilament, FDY  fully oriented yarn. This high performance PP Yarn can be used as raw material for making Geo-Textile, Filter cloth,Lifting Belts,Cables and FIBC jumbo bags.

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