[Xinjiang: Wisdom Agriculture depicts a new picture of cotton fields]
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On April 10th, in a farmland in Chenjiaqu Village, Liuhudi Town, Manas County, a driverless multi-functional integrated precision seeding machine equipped with Beidou navigation system was in accordance with the pre-set seeding route. A grain of cotton seeds were accurately planted in place, and Pan Cunjiang, a villager in Chenjiaqu Village, carefully inspected the filming and seeding quality behind the seeding machine to ensure that the broadcast was straight and even. "In the 1980s, my family of six people could grow 40 acres of cotton. Now that the whole village has realized mechanized cotton planting, I can plant five or six thousand mu of cotton by myself." Pan Cunjiang said.

Pan Cunjiang’s words are no exaggeration. In recent years, under the strong support and drive of the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, a large number of high-precision agricultural machinery operation technology has been widely used in agricultural production in Manas County. In 2018, the county only has an agricultural automatic navigation planting area of more than 320,000 mu. .

On the same day, the Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture cotton industry chain upgrade quality and efficiency on-site promotion meeting will be held in Chenjiaqu Village. In the wide cotton field, cotton mechanical precision seeding machine, satellite positioning and navigation unmanned operation, Dajiang one control multi-machine drone flying defense operation, self-propelled lifting large-scale high-efficiency plant protection machine and other new machinery are displayed in turn. As of the end of last year, the total power of agricultural machinery in Manas County reached 403,569 kW, 233 sets of automatic navigation equipment, 19 drones and 21 subsoilers. The comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvesting is over 95%. The county's agricultural production has basically achieved full mechanization, covering all aspects of arable land, sowing, plant protection, harvesting and processing.

The peasant Hilati Hiroshi Muhar, who participated in the on-site promotion meeting, said: "The original strong labor can also plant 20 acres of land. In the past, there were more than 90 households in our village. Twenty or thirty acres of land. Now using machinery, one can plant 150 acres of land."

In order to ensure the quality of spring ploughing, the farmer's agricultural machinery, agricultural technology, meteorology and other agricultural technicians in Manas County do a good job in spring ploughing production services. Technical staff Bao Yuqin said: "The use of satellite navigation seeding, high precision, high efficiency, 1 km only 2 cm error, an average planter can plant 200 acres per day. 116 county large horsepower agricultural machinery using satellite navigation unmanned With precision seeding technology, the quality of sowing is obviously better than in previous years.” In 2019, the county plans to plant 800,000 mu of crops, and spring sowing can be completed on April 25, five days ahead of previous years.

Like Manas County, smart agricultural machinery has been widely used in the north and south of Tianshan. In 2018, the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation and harvest in our district reached 84.68%, which was 17 percentage points higher than the national average. The area of cotton harvested in our district (local) reached 10.8 million mu, a year-on-year increase of 50%. The popularization of smart agricultural technology will provide a powerful impetus for the high-quality development of Xinjiang agriculture.

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