[220 exhibitors unveiled at ITMA 2019]
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At ITMA 2019, more than 220 companies from Germany participated in the exhibition. The overall exhibition area of German machinery manufacturers exceeded 21,000 square meters. Compared with ITMA 2015, the booth area increased by about 3.5%. More than 110 members of the German Federation of Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers (VDMA) showcased state-of-the-art technology solutions and applications in Industry 4.0 (also known as Industrial and Internet of Intelligent Manufacturing and Integrated Manufacturing), including smart services.

At the ITMA 2019 VDMA press conference, a spokesperson for 12 prominent VDMA member companies said that the Industry 4.0 solution would affect the textile process chain.

Andreae Butte, Director of Business Development at ANDRITZ, said: "ANDRITZ offers attractive digital solutions under the technology brand Metris. Metris technology is the most advanced technology in the field of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) or Industry 4.0, according to customers. Personalized needs are tailored."

“Software innovation around textile machinery is becoming more and more important in product development.” AxelPieper, CTO of Bruckner, admits: “Our newly developed mobile machine operator panel and management cockpit significantly increase the user friendliness of the device. Advanced production assistance systems enable operators to maximize production at the lowest cost while maintaining consistently high quality levels. Our advanced service tools provide new features such as predictive maintenance, video tutorials and augmented reality support."

André Imhof, chief operating officer of Autefa Solutions, believes that digitalization will succeed when it comes to customer interests. “Our Service 4.0 covers all aspects of improving the production line base over the lifecycle. Based on the availability of permanent digital communications, Autefa Service 4.0 provides a good grading service for the benefit of our customers. Autefa Service 4.0 will come from well-known daily life,” he said. Work tasks are integrated into advanced complex big data algorithms that are always focused on customer needs."

Dierk Dornieden, Head of Sales at Dienes Apparatebau, said: "All of MultiMode's capabilities enable research organizations and industry to reduce costs and operate quickly and flexibly in new product development processes."

“In our view, the textile industry needs tailored IT solutions to achieve the highest level of data transparency. Direct communication between people and machines not only consistently and transparently presents all relevant data, but also employees Provide flexible and important mobile access," said Marcus Ott, director and general manager of Halo.

Excellent spinning preparation is critical to yarn quality. Christopher Soest, CTO of Trützschler, said: "At Trützschler, I4.0 technology helps to make this process more intelligent. By integrating intelligent, self-optimizing mechanical solutions and digital systems, Lutzler enables customers to take a big step towards automation and ensure consistent quality."

“At ITMA 2019, we build bridges from machine building to applications and textiles, showcase seven innovative machines, learn more about the future of textiles and showcase KM.ON's new digital solutions. Our digital branded products can significantly improve all Business process. For example, k.production can effectively analyze and eliminate failures in the production process. In addition, our software startup KM.ON has established its first overseas subsidiary in Asia. In this way, we It can strengthen the supply capacity of key areas while receiving important developments from new developments in key markets,” said Anton Gottschalk, director and general manager of KAMay Software startup KM.ON.

Klaus A. Heinrichs, vice president of Men Fuji, said that with the advanced sensor technology of Men Fuji, the technical data of all devices can be virtually mapped to the cloud in real time. The data in the cloud indicates the current state of the system and its respective parameters, which can map the entire production process, enabling targeted analysis and controlled planning and production: optimizing the actual production process through data analysis, real-time status overview improves machine availability While minimizing downtime, you can anticipate and eliminate potential sources of error. Digital twins provide information about the various wear parts of the system. “Operators can see how long the wearable parts last and when they must be maintained or replaced in advance. Direct access to the integrated door Fuji online store allows users to order worn spare parts when needed by pressing a button, thus preventing the machine from being prevented Stop," Klaus A. Heinrichs said.

“Neuenhauser sees the latest developments in autonomous vehicles and navigation systems. AGV is a must for the spinning mill in the future. AGV stands for automatic guided vehicles. This technology has existed for many years, but recently introduced Industry 4.0. In the shortest time, Our team developed a state-of-the-art transportation system using a large number of intelligently controlled automated guided vehicles. At the ITMA exhibition in 2019, we presented our AGVS to our professional audience for the first time and were very excited about this feedback.” Neuenhauser Maschinenbau Division The person in charge, Wilhelm Langius, said.

André Wissenberg, vice president of marketing, corporate communications and public affairs at Oerlikon Chemicals, said: "We are demonstrating our vision for sustainable and automated man-made fiber production in a virtual 4D showroom - clean technology, smart factory, world premiere of 4 machines and equipment, Together with many other innovations, these constitute our new DNA."

Andreas Hannes, marketing manager at Sedo-Treepoint, said: “Digital and smart factories are a huge challenge for our customers, especially in terms of dyeing and finishing, and there is great potential for savings and technological improvements. Our new development at ITMA 2019 Designed for smart factories, it helps customers enhance their competitive advantage."

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