[Domestic textile machinery has made great progress, but the gap with imports is obvious.]
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In recent years, the technical level of China's textile machinery equipment has improved by leaps and bounds. Not only has the intelligence of cotton spinning complete sets of equipment with better foundation improved significantly, but even relatively weak printing and dyeing and non-woven equipment have made great progress. However, while feeling these achievements, the reliability of domestic textile machinery is still a lingering problem. According to the survey, up to 81.5% of users believe that the stability of domestic textile machinery is poor, which shows that there is still a certain gap between the reliability of domestic equipment and the needs of users. So how can we shorten this gap?

Reliability gap

According to the textile enterprises, foreign equipment has arrived at the enterprise. After installation and commissioning, it will be able to run smoothly after one week. Domestically, equipment will usually be in operation after one month. Someone has to track it within three months, and often There was a small problem, and it was necessary to stop the maintenance, which not only reduced the efficiency, but also increased the maintenance cost of the enterprise.

Compared with the imported textile machinery, there is still a big gap in the overall level of domestic textile machinery, mainly in the following aspects: First, the early failure rate of the host is high, the reliability index is large, and the life cycle cost is high; second, the product quality Or the accuracy consistency is poor, the early failure, the life index is lower than the international famous brand product level; the third is the long running-in period of the equipment, which does not meet the requirements of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption of the user. In order to improve the reliability of the textile machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the production, management, manufacturing and other aspects, and also need a harmonious cooperation in many aspects. At present, the importance of textile machinery enterprises to product reliability has been generally improved, and many companies have made efforts to improve product reliability.

Almost thinking

Many domestic enterprises hold almost the same idea, and even feel that there is no need to do it too perfectly. The machine can't be used for a few years, and it can't escape the fate of being exquisite. With this kind of thinking, it is naturally difficult to produce good products. Domestic enterprises often believe that the reliability of products and the quality of products are controlled by inspectors. However, foreign well-known textile machinery enterprises have no special inspection agencies and inspectors except for inspections of external parts. Every step and every post must be self-tested. This is a very big gap between us and foreign advanced enterprises.

The concept of enterprise decision-making layer plays an important role in improving product reliability. Many operators have unclear or misunderstanding of reliability, which makes enterprises lack effective reliability management and mechanism. The higher the degree to which enterprises attach importance to reliability, the greater the substantial increase in product reliability.

System integration

Reliability is a systematic project from design, manufacturing, assembly to after-sales service, and should even be combined with national standards and industry standards. It is precisely because the enterprise does not fully understand the reliability. Therefore, the domestic textile machinery products have improved in terms of design level and processing ability, but the reliability cannot keep up.

Enterprises should pay attention to the following points when they want to improve product reliability. First, prior to design, the R&D department of the enterprise should conduct comparative tests on the technical indicators of existing products and imported products to find advanced points. Second, strengthen information collection and management, accumulate historical data, and comprehensively analyze and compare information, find weak links, identify key targets, and propose corresponding improvement suggestions. Third, strengthen the construction of testing institutions, attach importance to personnel training, and develop reliability testing standards.

Industry-University-Research Cooperation

The improvement of the reliability of the textile machine is a multidisciplinary blend. After all, the power of integrating individual scientific research results, knowledge, technology, capabilities, and experience into a single enterprise is thin, and it is an inevitable choice to take the road of cooperation in production, research, and research to accelerate innovation and development. Some major and common technologies and forward-looking technologies and key equipments, with the support of the state, the co-financing of related enterprises is not only lower than the cost of repeated introduction, but also has independent intellectual property rights, which is conducive to improving core competitiveness and forming its own brand products.

Chongqing Golden Cat Textile Equipment Co., Ltd., Changzhou Hangyue Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Far East Wire Needle Cloth Co., Ltd., Wuxi Owl Textile Equipment Co., Ltd., Qingdao Fengyi Textile Equipment Co., Ltd. and other five wire ring manufacturers in 2011 The “New Generation Textile Equipment Wire Circle Technology Innovation Alliance” was established, and the “Leather Ring Surface Treatment Technology Research” project was jointly developed with the National Tribology Key Laboratory of Tsinghua University. At present, the project has successfully solved the key technical problems of the surface treatment of the wire loop. The life of the wire ring treated with this technology has reached more than 15 days (the life of the imported high-quality wire ring is 15 days to 20 days), and the quality has reached the international advanced level.

Introducing advanced technology

Enterprises can also introduce advanced technologies through joint ventures, cooperation, technology transfer, and hiring foreign experts to improve product quality. For example, Guangshan White Shark Clothing Co., Ltd., located in Henan Province, has established a joint venture with Flexexfuth of Spain to establish Guangshan Bruha Clothing Co., Ltd., and introduced Spanish elastic card manufacturing technology and equipment, which has significantly improved its wool spinning and brushing. The technical level and quality of elastic card clothing.

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