[The reason why the regularity of the fine yarn is uneven]
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Regular irregularities are distributed on the blackboard in a diagonal strip shape, commonly known as "slanted stems." The regular length is generally equivalent to the circumference of the front yarn of the spun yarn or the front rubber roller, or greater than the circumference of the front roller of the spun yarn. Reflected on the cloth surface, there are 疵 cloths such as “striped cloth” and “plaid cloth”. Regular irregularities usually have the following conditions.


Spinning machines are common or some special types of yarns appear unevenly. The reason is that the yarn drawing process is improperly arranged, the total draft is too large, the rear draft is too large or too small, and the rubber ring jaws or roller spacers Inappropriate distance, insufficient pressure of roller, improper control of temperature and humidity, and poor semi-finished products (roving).


There are several reasons for unevenness in one area or adjacent machine. The main reasons are as follows.

1) Poor temperature and humidity control in this area.

2) The quality of the front spinning fixed supply machine fluctuates.

3) Some machine process parameters (roller, jaw gauge and rear draft, etc.) are not appropriate or wrong.

4) The quality of rubber rollers and aprons in this area is not good.


There are several reasons for the unevenness of the individual machines.

1) Roller eccentric, curved or roller torsional vibration.

2) The drafting transmission gear is excessively worn or poorly engaged.

3) The shaft and bearing of the drafting transmission gear are overrun.

4) After changing the special number (count), the process parameters are missed or mistaken.

5) The machine is parked for too long or the roving is used for a long time.

6) The quality of the rubber roller and rubber ring is not good.


Some or some of the spindles on the machine have unevenness. The main reason is due to the excessive wear or non-conformity of some parts.

1) Poor maintenance or disrepair of the feeding parts (such as the yarn guide bar is rough, rusted, porcelain bowl, porcelain ring is missing, the hanging spindle is not damaged, the yarn guide horn is missing, etc.).

2) The yarn guide stroke is deviation or the individual yarn guide horn is skewed (often forming a regular thick section).

3) Post-roller groove intarsia or impurities.

4) After the rubber roller is pressed under pressure or fails (the cradle compression spring is degraded or failed).

5) The rubber roller is not working properly (the rubber roller is eccentric, the surface has indentation, the rubber roller loses its elasticity, the rubber roller bearing lacks oil or the roller wears seriously, and the same rubber roller specifications are inconsistent, etc.).

6) The rubber ring is not working or frustrating (including the rubber ring is not elastic, hard, cracked, deviation or middle and upper roller lack of oil, wear, etc.).

7) The function of the self-adjusting center of the cradle fails, and the position of the “three straight lines” of the rubber roller is not correct.

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