[Intelligent manufacturing related technologies continue to be vigorously promoted in the field of textile machinery]
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With the continuous advancement of smart manufacturing-related technologies in the textile field, the textile industry has evolved from the intelligence of a single machine to the digital, automated, and intelligent development of the system. In 2019, China's textile machinery industry vigorously promotes intelligent manufacturing. Through technological innovation and mechanical equipment upgrades, it accelerates the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and eliminates unnecessary production links to promote the simultaneous improvement of the quality and efficiency of the textile industry.

At present, the intelligent manufacturing of China's textile industry belongs to the stage of automation and numerical control. There is still a long way to go from true artificial intelligence. Most domestic textile enterprises are still far away from Industry 3.0. To realize the intelligence of the textile industry requires the joint efforts of the entire industry.

Intelligent manufacturing is an important leader in the development of textile machinery equipment. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, an important task of the textile machinery industry is to strengthen research on cutting-edge technologies, basic theories, and common key technologies, to give priority to the development of advanced high-end complete sets of equipment that meet the core needs of the textile industry chain, and to apply advanced numerical control technology to improve equipment intelligence. Level, and gradually establish digital and intelligent textile workshops and factories. In addition, we must intensify technological transformation and strive to improve the manufacturing quality and reliability of equipment.

The intelligence of textile machinery enterprises also needs to be further improved. We have a very complete industrial chain and a very high-quality user group. I believe that the future industry has more room for development.

Intelligent manufacturing is a current hot topic. Intelligent manufacturing can achieve the comprehensive goals of cost reduction, stable quality, fast response, emission reduction and consumption reduction.

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