[Polypropylene spinning machine ensures high quality of polypropylene filament]
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In order to meet the demand for filament fiber quality in the chemical fiber market, many manufacturers have launched polypropylene spinning machines.

The polypropylene spinning machine is mainly used to produce 300D ~ 1400D medium-strength polypropylene FDY drawn yarn. Such filaments are mainly used in the production of safety belts, safety nets, conveyor belts, industrial sewing threads, fire hoses, etc. Polypropylene spinning machine has the advantages of low energy consumption, stable equipment operation and high output. The spinning speed of the equipment can reach 2200m / min, the operation is simple and convenient, the temperature of the heat roller is uniform, and the coil has a long service life.

With the continuous innovation and innovation of technology, the specifications of polypropylene spinning machines will become more and more precise, which will far meet the market demand.

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