[How is the resumption of the knitting machinery industry?]
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While strengthening the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, enterprises in the knitting machinery industry have resumed work and production in accordance with local prevention and control policies and their own conditions. According to the investigation and tracking of more than 110 flat knitting machines, circular knitting machines, warp knitting machines, socks machines and their supporting enterprises by the Textile Machinery Association:

1.Some enterprises have achieved limited return to work in administration, sales and service (online and telephone);

2, the enterprises that have resumed production mainly focus on overseas orders and years ago;

3. On the one hand, the overall start-up of the entire industry is limited by the review by local governments, the shortage of protective materials, the isolation of foreign employees, and the insufficient resumption of work by supporting enterprises.

4. Although the logistics from overseas countries such as Germany to China is relatively normal, the speed of domestic shipment and distribution is still greatly affected.

Specifically in the main fields of flat knitting machines, circular weft knitting machines, warp knitting machines, hosiery machines and knitting machines in knitting machinery and supporting equipment:

Flat knitting machine field: A few mainframe companies resumed their operations on February 10, and some of them started after February 17. Nearly 40% of the mainframe companies resumed their operations and are still pending. Among supporting enterprises, electronically controlled production enterprises have begun to resume operations on the 10th and 11th; major yarn feeder and antenna station production enterprises are expected to resume operations on the 18th; some needle bed production enterprises are expected to resume operations after the 21st; mountain boards, storage Companies such as yarn production are still applying to the local government for start-up.

Circular weft knitting machine field: Nearly 40% of the mainframe companies resumed their operations mainly from February 10th to 12th. Nearly 20% of the enterprises are still applying to the local government, and some enterprises have postponed their operations to 24th. Among the supporting enterprises, some manufacturers of yarn feeders, yarn guide wheels, triangles, and frequency converters have resumed their operations on February 10; some needle cylinder and fabric winding machine manufacturers have resumed their operations on February 13; major yarn feeder manufacturers 2. The resumption time of electronically controlled production enterprises is yet to be reviewed by the government.

Warp knitting machine field: A few mainframe companies have resumed construction on February 10th and 11th. Some companies are applying to the government to start construction, and some plan to resume construction around February 25th. More than 40% of mainframe production enterprises have not yet been identified. Specific start date. Among the supporting enterprises, pantou manufacturing enterprises in Zhejiang area are scheduled to start construction around February 20; Jaka supporting production enterprises are expected to resume construction to wait until February 17.

Sock hosiery area: Some companies have decided to resume construction on February 18, and the specific resume time of most companies after February 18 is subject to government approval and inspection.

Knitting needle manufacturing enterprises: More than half of the companies have resumed construction from February 10th to 13th. A few enterprises plan to start construction after February 17th, and some enterprises are applying for government approval.

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