[How to solve the raised edge problem of texturing machine?]
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When the filament is wound, whether it is an empty tube or a full bobbin, it is roughly reciprocated at a constant speed, and the winding density on the package is basically the same. However, when reversing the package end, the reversing coil can be regarded as a circular arc, and the winding density is increased. Over time, more silk has accumulated at the ends than the middle of the package, forming a raised edge. The gradual decrease of the package movement and a slight movement of the reversing position can help reduce the convex edge.

A better way to prevent the occurrence of raised edges is to reduce the number of times the wire loop reaches the end of the package and let a part of the silk layer's stroke be periodically indented to a certain value. . When the indented stroke and the number of non-indented strokes have an appropriate ratio, the convex edge condition is eliminated.

However, at the position where the stroke is indented (such as 10 mm), a part of the commutating wire loop is transferred here. A new convex ring is still not ideally formed. This is the "first-level stroke correction". Happening. recently. For example, some machines such as FK6-900, FK6-1000 and 33H-1000 are improved to "four-stage stroke correction", and the indented stroke is dispersed in 4 positions (such as 13mm, 11mm, 9mm, 7mm ), Eliminating the possibility of a convex ring in the middle of the package.

It can be seen that the indentation stroke is to prevent convex edges, but it cannot play the role of "anti-folding", "guaranteing the flatness of the end surface and the surface, and increasing the density of the silk".

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