[The spinning mechanism and five advantages of compact spinning]
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Compact spinning is a new spinning technology for spinning on an improved new ring spinning machine. The spinning mechanism is mainly: a condensing area is added in front of the traction device of the ring spinning machine, which basically eliminates the spinning and twisting triangle area between the front roller and the twisting point. The following textile technology-five advantages of compact spinning .

Five advantages of compact spinning

1.Before twisting, the single fibers in the sliver are fully straightened, parallel to each other, and closely arranged, so at the jaws of the twisting roller (also called twisting roller, because it has the effect of preventing the transfer of twist), the yarn The diameter of the strip becomes very small, so the "twisting triangle" is basically eliminated. Since the single fibers are fully straightened and parallel before twisting, no hairiness extends from the main body of the yarn, so there are few yarn hairiness, especially 3 mm or more There is very little hairiness.

2. In the spun yarn, because each single fiber is twisted in a straight and parallel state, when the single yarn is pulled, the single fiber is basically the same force, so the compact spinning strength is higher than the traditional single yarn. And because the single fibers in the compact yarn are closely arranged and have strong cohesion with each other, this also contributes to increased strength.

3. In the compact spinning process, the sliver is gathered after completing the drafting specified in the process, so the unevenness of the sliver is not greatly improved, but it has a finishing effect on the sliver in its gathering area. Moreover, the transfer of the inner and outer layers of the fiber when twisting at the twisting roller jaws is not as strong as in the traditional process, so the sliver of the compact yarn is uneven, and the thickness and detail indicators are better than the traditional yarn.

4. Due to the above characteristics of the compact yarn, it provides very good conditions for the next process. The compact yarn has less hairiness, so the pressure of the sizing and singing process is reduced, and the weft yarn of the shuttleless loom is greatly reduced when the compact yarn is used. It improves the resistance of weft insertion and improves the efficiency of the loom.

5. Because the compact yarn fibers are closely arranged and have a smaller diameter than the traditional yarns of the same number, the cloth woven with the same warp and weft density has good air permeability and the cloth surface is smooth and smooth, which is ideal for high-end yarns.

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