[Textile companies actively bid to pay attention to the growth of new cotton]
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Textile companies actively bid to pay attention to the growth of new cotton

According to feedback from cotton textile companies in Hubei, Anhui, and Jiangsu, since the beginning of July, there has been no sign of improvement in production restrictions and reductions in downstream weaving mills and garment factories. Not a few, stocks of raw materials such as yarn, grey cloths, and fabrics continue to decline.

  A textile company in Jiangsu said that the company is currently in a difficult state of "upper raw materials, lower terminal pressure". With the recent contract price of Zhengmian CF2009 contracted to the 11,500 yuan/ton, 11,800 yuan/ton, and 12,000 yuan/ton mark, regardless of the basis price or the price of cotton spot, the price of raw material costs in the cotton mills has increased sharply. Moreover, due to the "closing" of domestic sales orders in July-August, the recovery of foreign trade exports is only 30-40%. Therefore, the cotton yarn inquiry and transaction power is insufficient. In order to accelerate the destocking and reduce the pressure on corporate cash flow, some spinning mills and traders Have to adopt the "price reduction for volume" strategy.

According to the survey, July 31st to July 7th, the warehouses in Henan, Hubei, Shandong and other places, the 31-level "Shuang 28" Xinjiang machine harvested cotton public quotation is about 12050-12150 yuan / ton (the storage fee is borne by the seller, the same below) ); 31-level "Double 29" Xinjiang cotton machine cotton quotation 12200-12300 yuan / ton, with the transaction of reserve cotton Xinjiang cotton 3128 price upside down nearly 1,000 yuan / ton.

The person in charge of a 60,000 spindle spinning plant in Tai'an believes that currently the leading products of most domestic spinning mills are C21-C40S yarns and OE yarns. Carded and combed yarns of 40S and above are basically produced on demand, reducing inventory as much as possible. There are few inquiries about high-quality and high-quality Xinjiang cotton such as 21st or 11th grade "Double 29/Double 30".

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