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Polypropylene spinning machine is an important equipment for the production of polypropylene yarn. Before starting the polypropylene spinning machine, check whether there are any problems with each component. If there are any problems, they should be dealt with first to ensure normal operation afterwards. Just like an airplane undergoes a series of precision inspections before starting up, although the structure of a polypropylene spinning machine is not as complicated as that of an airplane, its successful operation also depends on prior inspections. The following precautions during the operation of the polypropylene spinning machine must be noted:

1. The transmission part should run smoothly without abnormal noise.

2. Under normal working conditions, the surface temperature rise of the screw extruder gearbox should not exceed 30°C. The temperature rise of the metering pump gearbox should not exceed 20°C.

3. When the ambient temperature is lower than 28℃, the average temperature of the front and back surface of the spinning box insulation layer should not exceed 65℃.

4. No leakage at the pipe connection.

5. The wind speed of the blowing device should be stable, and there should be no violent fluttering or twining of the silk. The wind speed difference rate of the single spinning position on the same level in the ring blowing device should not be greater than 15, and the wind speed difference rate of the single spinning position on the same level in the side blowing device should not be greater than 20.

6. The tow channel and the contact part of the tow should be smooth and free of wire.

7. The air tightness test of the biphenyl pipeline shall be carried out according to the value specified in the technical document, without leakage.

8. The spinning box shall be manufactured, tested and accepted according to GB 150, and shall be supervised by TSG R0004--2009.

9. The temperature difference of the fixed temperature measuring point of the spinning box heated by the heat medium should not exceed 2℃.

10. The temperature difference between the fixed temperature measuring points of the electrically heated spinning head should not exceed 3℃.

11. The temperature control accuracy of each zone of the screw extruder should be ±2℃.

12. The melt pressure control accuracy of the screw extruder should be ±0.3 MPa.

13. The metering pump should meet the regulations of FZ/T 92026.

14. The spinneret should meet the regulations of FZ/T 92038.

15. Electrical equipment and circuits are well insulated, with insulation resistance ≥ 1 Mi2.

16. The protective grounding of the metal shell is reliable, and the grounding resistance is ≤0.1 Q.

17. The electrical components should be able to withstand the withstand voltage test lasting 1 min, and the test voltage is ≥1 500 V. The components that cannot withstand the above-mentioned high voltage must be disconnected when testing.

18. The painting of polypropylene spinning machine should comply with the regulations of FZ/T 90074.

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