[Heating method of polypropylene spinning machine]
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In the energy-saving transformation of electromagnetic heating, there is a new industry that can make good use of electromagnetic heaters, that is, the textile machinery industry. This industry has a polypropylene spinning machine, which has different types: polypropylene FDY spinning machine, polypropylene FDY spinning machine , Polypropylene POY spinning machine, polyester FDY spinning machine, polyester FDY spinning machine, polyester POY spinning machine, polypropylene BCF spinning machine, etc.

This kind of machine has one of the most important components called the heat roller, which needs to be heated to a certain temperature and it runs at high speed.

The size of the rollers are also different, generally with a diameter of Φ160 Φ180 Φ190 Φ210 Φ220. Length of hot roller: 200-450mm, speed range: 750-5500m/min, surface temperature of godet: ≤240℃-140℃, surface treatment of hot roller: hard chrome plating, ceramic plating.

The current heating method of the heat roller is power frequency induction heating. Its disadvantage is that the heating ring is easily damaged. The most terrible thing is that it is easy to heat the central shaft of the motor and burn the motor. Shenzhen Xinhuiyuan's newly developed all-digital application in polypropylene textile machine heating roller heating is highly efficient and energy-saving, completely solving the shortcomings of traditional heating, and greatly reducing costs for customers. The main advantages of using Xinhuiyuan electromagnetic heater for the heat roller are:

1. Make the surface temperature of the hot roller work area uniform, which can meet the requirements of different industrial yarns and civil yarns FDY spinning process

2. The surface temperature of the working area of the hot roller is raised rapidly, energy saving is obvious, and the efficiency is greatly improved

3. After using the electromagnetic heater, the shaft of the heat roller motor will not damage the motor due to induction heating

4. The coil of the electromagnetic heater will not be damaged, reducing maintenance trouble and cost

5. The equipment has a complete system, simple structure, stable and reliable operation at high temperatures, and can meet the requirements of different fiber FDY spinning processes. It is an economical and reasonable choice for polypropylene FDY spinning.

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