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In order to meet the needs of the chemical fiber market for filament fiber quality, Jiangxi Donghua Machinery Co., Ltd. launched the DHP 419 series of high-strength polypropylene spinning drafting machines. Mainly used for spinning various high-length fully oriented polypropylene filaments, which can be used as geotextiles, filter cloths, dead belts, ropes, engineering fibers, etc.

DHP 419 series high-strength polypropylene spinning drafting machine


1. High efficiency, stable and reliable performance, great economic benefits

2. Integrated automatic spinning control system

3. Compact structure and small footprint

4. The strength can reach more than 7 grams denier

Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in the research and development, production and sales of complete sets of chemical fiber equipment. Products are constantly updated and always maintain their position in the industry. The company's products range from polypropylene, high-strength spinning equipment to high-strength and high modulus polyethylene, aramid, carbon fiber and a series of complete sets of special fiber spinning equipment. We sincerely look forward to cooperation and common development with customers.

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