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Children's masks have gone from being "difficult to find a mask" to now "no longer in short supply", from "no standard to be followed" to "group standard", it can be said that a great step has been taken. According to reports, in the "group standard", it is clearly stipulated that the ventilation resistance of children's masks must be less than or equal to 30 Pa, the filtration efficiency of dust, droplets, aerosols and other particulate matter is not less than 90%, and the filtration efficiency of bacteria is not less than 95. %, raw materials should not use recycled materials... Experts say that under such strict safety standards, as long as consumers choose to purchase qualified and compliant children's masks, safety and comfort can be achieved.

   However, as reported by the media, although children's masks are "no longer in short supply" on the market, children prefer colorful or cartoon-shaped children's masks. Although the "group standard" stipulates that the fabric in direct contact with the skin shall not be dyed, this requirement does not apply to the outer layer of the mask. Whether it is dyed or whether there are various patterns is designed by the enterprise itself, and the standard does not require it. Although the "group standard" includes a standard for children's daily protective masks, covering 13 indicators, the standard is a general standard and not mandatory. In other words, mask manufacturers have the right to decide whether to adopt the relevant content specified in the "group standard", even if the relevant standards are violated, there is not much legal responsibility.

   my country’s "Standardization Law" clearly stipulates that standards and laws that protect human health and personal and property safety, and administrative regulations provide mandatory standards that are mandatory standards. As a national compulsory standard, the content of its provisions must be strictly implemented, and legal liabilities must be borne for causing severe consequences and major losses. From this perspective, the "group standard" is still equivalent to the manufacturer's "conscience standard." As some media said, due to the lack of national compulsory standards, mask manufacturers are very random, with various products, insufficient fit, and poor protection effects, so that many parents "buy and use them". Therefore, people still expect the national standards for children's masks to be promulgated as soon as possible, so that children can receive more comprehensive and effective protection.

   According to industry insiders, the release of national standards for children's masks is just around the corner. A few days ago, the National Standards Committee has issued a notice on soliciting opinions on the "Technical Specifications for Children's Masks" (Draft for Comment). It is reported that this standard has done a lot of work in the investigation of children's head size and children's respiratory function during the formulation process. I believe that the national standards are excellent in terms of technical specifications and supervision and implementation, and the "standards" and "standards" of children's masks can be effectively relieved.

   Schools and classes resume, and children's masks are "just needed". At present, the production and sales of children's masks should be carried out in strict accordance with the "group standards". As a mask manufacturer, it is necessary to consciously "abide by the standards", truly treat the children of the whole society as their own children, and strictly implement the "group standards" to ensure the safety of children. Regulatory departments should also take active actions to strengthen inspections and supervision, increase punishments, and ensure that production enterprises "abide by standards" and ensure that the market supplies "no fakes". When purchasing, parents should not listen to the fudge of the merchants. They should first choose professional brands, look at the filtration effect, ventilation and other indicators, and pay attention to the materials. At the same time, teach their children to wear masks properly to fight the epidemic and not to relax!

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