[Textile machinery industry corporate remediation promotion meeting held in Qingdao]
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In order to effectively promote the progress of the renovation of the textile machinery industry in Jiaozhou, Qingdao, on June 11, the Jiaozhou Branch of the Qingdao Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau held a meeting to promote the renovation of textile machinery enterprises in the Yanghe Town Government. 26 key textile machinery enterprises in the Yanghe Township area participated meeting.

   At the meeting, the staff of Jiaozhou Branch issued the "Proposal on Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of Ozone Pollution" to business participants, and led collective research and study. Relevant persons in charge of participating enterprises reported on the progress of enterprise remediation and the next remediation plan. The relevant responsible comrades of Jiaozhou Branch listened carefully to the report on the progress and plan of enterprise remediation, introduced the progress of the previous textile machinery remediation work, and based on the status The problem was discussed on site. Finally, the relevant responsible comrades in Yanghe Town put forward requirements on specific rectification standards and clear rectification time limits.

The meeting requested that relevant enterprises should earnestly implement the requirements for peak-shift production in the VOCs emission process in the "Proposal" to effectively reduce ozone pollution in Jiaozhou City; as an important part of ecological environmental protection, enterprises should pay full attention to remediation work and speed up the remediation progress. And formulate a remediation plan according to its own situation, and complete the remediation task quickly and practically; the responsible personnel of each enterprise must ensure that the "three enhancements" are achieved: one is to strengthen the overall situation, the second is to strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, and the third is to strengthen system management; at the same time, law enforcement is required The personnel must have the awareness of "three no let-ups". First, do not let go of companies that do not rectify, second, do not let go of companies that are not completely rectified, and third, do not let go of companies that do not meet the rectification standards.

Through this meeting, the awareness of environmental pollution prevention and control of enterprises in the textile machinery industry in Jiaozhou has been further enhanced, the relevant requirements of production links such as VOCs emission processes have been clarified, responsibilities have been consolidated, standards have been refined, time limits have been clarified, and Jiaozhou has been strongly promoted. The progress of the renovation of textile machinery enterprises in the city has improved the environmental protection management level of enterprises in related industries.

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