[Important components of a polypropylene spinning machine!]
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The polypropylene spinning machine is mainly used in spinning 100 to 2000 denier, and the product is all-in-directional drafts (FDY). Its raw material is a polypropylene slice.

Polypropylene Popular wire is mainly used in: curtain fabrics, sofa cloth and other office furniture, and tape, Simmons Bag, rope cable and other fields.

The main composition of the  polypropylene spinning machine:

1, automatic charge machine

2, masterbatch injection machine

3, screw extruder

4, pre-filler (selected by the user)

5, spinning box and components

6, metering pump and transmission

7, side blow and ramp

8, draft heat roller

9, winding rack and nozzle (tanker) oil device

10, network device device

11, fully automatic winding machine

12. Electronic control system: a screw pressure control cabinet, spinning box temperature control cabinet, drafting temperature control cabinet, drafting variable frequency cabinet, winding variant cabinet and conventional electrical control system.

Main features of  polypropylene spinning machine:

1. Can be used in the field of regeneration

2. High-frequency thermal roller can be heated, low energy consumption, uniform temperature temperature

3. The wind speed of the side is uniform and stable.

4. The  polypropylene spinning machine is stable, low failure rate, simple operation and maintenance.

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