[Producers need to be alert to international crude oil prices rebound "bake"]
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Opening countries have organized OPEC and Nonocali-producing countries that have not been able to reach a consistent message in August crude oil production. On July 1st, the Light crude oil futures price of the New York Commodity Exchange in August rose 1.76 US dollars. $ 75.23 per barrel, the London Brent crude oil futures prices in September have risen 1.22 US dollars, and it is closed at the highest level of $ 75.84 per barrel, which is at the highest level since October 2018.

In the first half of this year, WTI crude oil futures rose by 51.66%, Brent crude oil futures rose by 45.11%, and international crude oil became one of the best assets of global performance. Benefits from the fast rebound in oil, China Petroleum, Sinopec Shuanghuang published a pre-profit announcement, and the net profit in the first half of the year is 81.514 billion yuan to 98.514 billion yuan.

As the king of commodities, crude oil prices have fluctuated in recent years, significantly drive the price of commodity, oil and fat, and impact in social production and life.

In January 2020, the impact of the global spread of the epidemic, the price of international crude oil plummeted, and then conducted to the entire chemical industry chain. At that time, the prices of various chemical commodities, including methanol, PTA, and ethylene glycol fell to a new low in recent years. As the oil prices rebound, the price of chemical commodities rose, for short supply, chemical commodity prices open bulk uplink mode.

The rapid rebound of crude oil prices is undoubtedly affected by the prevention and control situation of the epidemic. As of the end of June, the global new crown vaccination has more than 3 billion times. As the world economy began to recover, the demand for oil has increased, so the crude oil inventory accumulated under the epidemic has begun to reduce rapidly.

In addition to the expected economic recovery, "OPEC +" internal supply policy has also brought rising power to oil prices. Recently, the market came out, the UAE and Saudi have different opinions, and the specific divergence points agree in Saudi and Russia. According to this proposal, from August to December, oil daily production will increase by 400,000 barrels, with a total daily output by 2 million barrels. This proposal is relatively conservative, and below the previous market is expected, and the market see more atmosphere is thicker.

Many institutions have now expected that crude oil prices will rose sharply to $ 100 per barrel next year. Of course, there is also an analysis pointing that the global epidemic situation still has uncertainty, and crude oil does not have the basis for continuing substantially. Indeed, there is still more concessions that affect the crude oil price trend, but have to pay attention to the new high "baking" in the current crude oil price stage, energy cost will support commodity prices, thus triggering a series of price conduction of industrial chain . Producers need to plan early, vigilant international crude oil prices rebound "baking" to carry out productivity costs.

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