[Interpretation of China's Manufacturing Purchasing Manage Industry in June]
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On June 30, 2021, the National Bureau of Statistics Service Industry Survey Center and China Logistics and Purchasing Association issued the Chinese Purchasing Managers Index. In this regard, the senior statistician Zhao Qinghe, the senior statistician of the National Bureau of Statistics, conducted an interpretation.

In June, China's manufacturing procurement manager index, non-manufacturing business activities index and integrated PMI output index were 50.9%, 53.5%, and 52.9%, fell from 0.1, 1.7 and 1.3 percentage points from last month, but continued to be critical. More than the point, my country's economic operation continues to expand the trend.

First, the manufacturing procurement manager index is stable

In June, the manufacturing procurement manager index minus 0.1 percentage points, continued to be located in the boom, and the manufacturing industry maintains smooth expansion. Main features this month:

First, the supply and demand is 1 liter. The production index is 51.9%, falling down 0.8 percentage points from last month, and some enterprise production activities are affected by factors such as chip, coal, electricity supply tight and equipment maintenance, production expansion slows. The new order index is 51.5%, rising from 0.2 percentage points from the previous month, reflecting the growth of market demand. The production index and new order index of textile and apparel and pharmaceutical and other industries are located in 56.0% and higher than the higher boost range, and higher than 2.0 percentage points above last month, production needs to grow faster. Oil coal and other fuel processing, black metal smelting and calendering and other industries have dropped below the critical point, and the industry boom is lowered; the two indices of automobile manufacturing industry are located in contraction intervals, "finishing" and other factors for two consecutive months. Adversely affects the development of the industry.

Second, the import and export index has declined. The new export order index is 48.1%, which is below 0.2 percentage points last month, indicating that the manufacturing foreign order quantity has fallen, including the new export order index of agricultural and sideline food processing, black metal smelting and calendering, non-ferrous metal smelting and calendering processing. 43.0%, larger fading. The import index fell below the critical point, 49.7%, less than 1.2 percentage points last month, reflecting the import of raw materials for manufacturing production and reduced monthly.

The third is that the price index is high. A series of "guaranteed stability" policy effects in recent recently appeared, and the rapid rise in manufacturing prices was initially curbed. The main raw material purchased price index and the factory price index of this month were raised from liters, which were 61.2% and 51.4%, respectively from 11.6 and 9.2 percentage points from last month. From the main raw material purchase price index, other industries have fallen significantly in addition to oil coal and other fuel processing industries. From the factory price index, most industries have different degrees of falling, including black metal smelting and calendering and industries, non-ferrous metal smelting and calendering industries have large declines, and they have fallen into contraction intervals; but petroleum coal and other fuel processing industries Still higher than 70.0%, the price of the product will continue to rise.

The fourth is the overall stability of PMI in different sizes. Large, medium-sized enterprises PMI are 51.7% and 50.8%, respectively, lower than 0.1 and 0.3 percentage points from last month, and continue to remain in the expansion interval. Small enterprises PMI are 49.1%, higher than 0.3 percentage points last month, although still in the contraction range, but the scenery is improved.

The fifth is that the consumer product manufacturing industry has risen. Driven by factors such as market demand and annual promotion activities, this month's consumer product manufacturing PMI rose to nearly 5 months, 52.2%, higher than 1.6 percentage points last month. Among them, the production index and the new order index are 53.9% and 54.6%, respectively, above 1.0 and 3.5 percentage points last month, and the industrial production and demand expansion are accelerated.

Second, the non-manufacturing business activities have fallen

In June, the non-manufacturing business activity index is 53.5%, which is lower than 1.7 percentage points last month, and the non-manufacturing industry continues to expand the trend, but the expansion is weakened.

The service industry keeps recovery. Affected by factors such as local epidemics in individual regions, the service industry business activity index fell back to 52.3%, below 2.0 percentage points last month, but still higher than the critical point, showing the steady recovery situation of the service industry. From the industry situation, it is 57.0% of the business activities index of postal express, telecommunication and satellite transmission services, Internet software and information technology services such as "618" year-on-year promotion. The above high boost range, the total amount of business is growing faster; the currency financial services, the insurance industry rises to more than 60.0% high boost range, and business activities are significantly accelerated. In addition, air transport, accommodation, catering and other industry business activities decreased below the critical point, and the market activity decreased. From the market expectation, the intended index expected index is 60.4%, which continues to remain in high boom, and above the same level in recent years, reflecting service enterprises continue to be optimistic about market development prospects.

The construction industry is running smoothly in the high boom. The construction industry business activity index is 60.1%, which is flat to last month. It has been in high boom in a consecutive month, and the construction industry has maintained rapid growth. From the price of the price, the construction industry input price index, the sales price index fell to 51.7% and 52.0% respectively, of which the investment price index fell sharply from 21.9 percentage points to the low point of the 9 months, and the cost of construction costs increased. ease.

Third, the integrated PMI output index continues to expand

In June, the integrated PMI output index was 52.9%, which was below 1.3 percentage points last month, indicating that my country's production and operation activities will expand, but the strength is weakened. The manufacturing production index and non-manufacturing business activities index constituting the integrated PMI output index are 51.9% and 53.5%, respectively.

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