[What are the main components of a polyester spinning machine?]
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What are the main components of a polyester spinning machine?

Polyester spinning machine basic parameters:

 Finished fiber: 1200 ~ 2600 (den)

 Mechanical speed (large): 3000m / min

 Process speed (large): 1600m / min ~ 2000m / min

Number of towers per part: 2, 3

Polyester spinning machine mainly consists of:

1, screw extruder

2, melt filter

3, spinning box and components

4, biphenyl generator and its pipeline system

5, measure pump and transmission

6, side blowing

7, ramp

8, air conditioning unit

9, oil supply device, multibarator

11, draft heat roller

12, expander, cold drum

13, winding the rack

14, network device

15, fully automatic winding machine

16. Electronic control system: a screw voltage control cabinet, spinning box temperature control cabinet, metering pump, oil pump variable frequency cabinet, winding variant cabinet and conventional electrical control system.

Polyester spinning machine is mainly used in spinning 1200 to 2600 denier of polyester expanded continuous filaments. Its raw material is a polyester slice.

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