[Fujian Textile and Apparel Industry "Hand Wire" is connected to Quanzhou]
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On July 16, Fujian Textile and Apparel Industry "Hand Wire" is connected to Quanzhou and Fujian Textile and Apparel Industry Chain Association, the establishment of the innovation alliance is held in Jinjiang in our city. The event is hosted by the Provincial Textile Industry Association and the Municipal Bureau of Computer, attracted the provincial and municipal textile and clothing related industry associations and more than 120 new textile and apparel, and more than 200 people in the investigation and development and marketing department. The event site, the industrial chain "hand drawn" docking.

Collaborative innovation promotes resource integration advantages complement

Fujian Province is a large province of modern textile and apparel, large size, long chain, wide distribution, is both the first largest traditional industry in our province, but also the key industries promoted by the transformation and upgrading. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the entire province's textile and hood industry has increased from 661.2 billion yuan in 2015, increased by 1061.2 billion yuan in 2020, an average annual increase of 10%. Cultivated the characteristic textile industry clusters such as Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Putian, Sanming and Longyan, forming a more complete industrial chain of chemical fiber, spinning, woven, dyeing, clothing, home textile, industrial supplies, shoes and textile machinery.

As the traditional advantage industry in our province, textile and clothing is also the pillar industry in Quanzhou. In recent years, the city has enassess the transformation and upgrading of the industry by developing major initiatives such as implementing textile and shoes transition and upgrading road maps. Last year, the city's textile and apparel industry has achieved an increase of 81.8 billion yuan, an output value of 342.8 billion yuan, and ranked first in the province. Since this year, with the effective control of domestic epidemic, the city's textile and apparel industry chain resumes growth trend. From January to May this year, the city's textile and apparel industries increased by 13.8%. Nearly 10,000 wits in the city, forming textile raw materials, textile weave fabrics, bleaching and dyeing, garment processing, accessories production, textile machinery and other complete textile and apparel industrial chains, in the city, a clothing is purchased from raw material procurement To the whole process of production and sales. A large number of leading companies such as seven wolves, gods, and Jinba were emerged.

"The provincial industry chain upstream collaborative support, continuously promote the development of new materials, upgrade new processes, develop new products, and constantly meet consumer demand is the driving force for continued healthy development in our city's textile and apparel industry." It is said that the establishment of the Provincial Textile and Apparel Industry Chain Association will further promote the synergy of the textile and apparel industry, solve the problem of upgrading of industry transformation, and fill in the industrial chain empty white point and weak links, and better stimulate the industry chain potential, promote the industry. Differentiation development.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology said that the establishment of the Provincial Textile and Apparel Industry Chain Association should be handled, standardized, strengthen management in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, and strengthen management, with industry leading enterprises as the core, with the supply chain as an entry point, and carry out segmentation industries. The segmentation field "Hand-handed" docking activities, promoting the optimization of the province's textile and apparel industry chain process, supply and demand and demand, integrate production and sales, balance, education, etc., promote resource integration, complementary advantages, and increase .

Thinking collision promotes corporate innovation results

Activity site, Mi Mi Video, Hongfang Culture, Fuzhou University Advanced Control Technology Research Center and other enterprise unit experts have done a batch of applets, seven wolves, Shangfei, Chunhui and other clothing leading enterprise representatives release supply chain information, Yongrong Jinjiang, The representative of the leading leading enterprises in the middle of the group, Jinyuan textile, etc.

"China in the contest upgrade background, the consumer market gradually became young, consumers moved from material consumption to emotionally consumption, that is, from the quality of quality brand goods, to the emotional experience, the sense of emotional value Functional value. "Hongfang Culture Co., Ltd. IP intellectual property senior expert Wang Haibin sharing, product essence is material consumption, IP nature is cultural consumption. In the new consumption of the new consumption from the large-scale to personalized, the consumption guidance of IP shows and the creativity of the customer value is more obvious. The new generation of young consumers have become the faithfulness of IP. "In recent years, IP authorized goods are gradually expanded in the global market, of which China's licensing market has grown rapidly, with great development space and potential. The iP belt has become a consumer growth point, brand authorization as a cross-border cooperation business model Widely recognized, increasingly rich authorized goods, has covered people's lives. "

Zheng Song, director of the Advanced Control Technology Research Center of Fuzhou University, shared "Textile Digital Support Project Construction". "Digital, information system construction can bring more advantages to enterprises." His analysis, company executives, can view effective and accurate statistical data, production process information, quantization personnel, etc. in real time, see productivity and production efficiency, etc. Performance, providing data support for management decisions; process personnel, can monitor machine varieties and process parameters data, view various varieties, prevent equipment parameters, etc., to avoid production losses; equipment operators, provide equipment real-time Operation status and production data, improve the cooperation efficiency of different types through the interactive terminal of the machine, and ensure the maximum operation efficiency of the machine; the statisticians, various statistical reports automatically generate, intuitive and efficient, avoiding the delay and error caused by artificial calculation.

"Enterprises must first clarify the business model of the enterprise in implementing the intelligent manufacturing process, implement different intelligent manufacturing paths." Wang Jinjie, deputy general manager of Fujian Qixi Wolf Co., Ltd., believes that the core competitiveness of the company is the product, so return to the initial heart, focus product. Now many of the enterprise products have many categories, but they are fine products are king, in order to strengthen the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Recognize your customers, business models, product features, combine their own advantages and pain points, determine their business model, match reasonable organizational teams to find the intelligent manufacturing way for you. "Implementing intelligent manufacturing will change the process, if there is no custom pattern, organizational construction, etc., the general probability will fail. From levenging to automation, then to digitization, final intelligence, this cannot change."

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