[China Textile Industry Cluster Pilot Examination Group to Liaoyang County]
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On August 26-27, the Vice President of China Textile Industry Association Sum-Shanye Rate China Textile Industry Federation Industrial Cluster Pilot Examination Group to Liaoyang County. Wang Wei and the relevant responsible comrades of the President of the Liaoning Provincial Textile and Apparel Association, the members of the Party Group of Liaoning Province, Feng Wen Sheng, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of WIT, Tsi Ting, the deputy director of the Textile Department of the Liaoning Province, participated in the investigation. Huo Bo, Municipal Party Committee, Bai Ying, deputy mayor, Lu Yinghong, the main leaders of the Municipal Compilation Bureau, the county party secretary Luoquiang, the leaders of the county magistrate Wang Lei, the leaders of the county industry, the leaders of Xiaobeihe Town, the relevant enterprises, responsible persons accompanying activities.

The inspection team has arrived in the Liaoyang County Huayi Knitting Factory, Liaoyang County Feida Knitting Factory, Liaoning Posage Socks Import and Export Co., Ltd. In-depth exchanges with the company's person in charge of production, management innovation, corporate development.

At the subsequently held Xiaobei Town, the "China Socks Town" Review Association, Wang Lei, the county magistrate of Liaoyang County, introduced the basic situation of the county and the development of the sock industry. Wang Lei said that this exam group went to Liaoyang County to investigate the development of the socks industry, and improved the Socks industry system in Liaoyang County, enhanced the planning of the park and industrial development, and promoted the social and economic development of Liaoyang County. It is very important. We will carefully learn the valuable comments and suggestions proposed by the inspection team, and further optimize the development planning of the park, accelerate the development, and do a big stronger. Next, Liaoyang County will continue to clarify the core work of the sock industry industry, accelerate the industrial cluster of agglomeration development, improve the planning of Liaoyang County Sock Industry, and introduce more powerful support policies, strengthen the training of employees in the socks industry, and create excellent The business environment, providing quality services to enterprises, strengthening organizational leaders, ensuring that the policy is implemented to enterprises, serving the enterprise.

The inspection team is fully affirmed by the good foundation of our county socks industry cluster development, and pointed out that Liaoyang County is clear, the measures are strong, and the industrial development is strong. In the future, we must continue to plan to lead, conscientiously planning the development pattern, and focus on enterprises that have a batch of prospects, driving strong radiation. It is necessary to use a living policy to create an excellent development environment, actively actively in service enterprises. Park companies must keep up with the development direction of the industry, optimize product structure, extend industry chains, and strive to improve productivity through innovative research and development, intelligent manufacturing, leading enterprises to increase productivity, strengthen competitiveness, and continue to promote the healthy development of county socks industry.

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