[What should I pay attention to when using a polyester spinning machine?]
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Polyester spinning machine is a textile machine specifically used to textile polyester wire, so it is essential to ensure the quality of production, which is essential for polyester spinning machine.

1, often check the polyester spinning machine

Check the front, rear sound transmission gear box portion is normal; whether meandering belt; whether or not each roller member, the friction roller and the yarn guide member and the drive member bearing heating and vibration, etc.; skin roller is bruises; Fake twisters and cartridge clips and the flexible rotation of the leather rolls are flexible.

2, regularly repair polyester spinning machine

Small repair is generally based on cleaning equipment, and checks the damage of each of the operating parts and the guide. The overhaul is in addition to the inspection cleaning, the cleaning and wear of the synchronous belt, the synchronous pulley; opening the groove Wear conditions such as cartridges, shuttle, slider, and the like. Overhaul cycle: car repair once every 2-5 weeks, 1-3 months.

3, heat box maintenance

Since the spline is tube tube, the spinning oil on the filament is heated and volatilized, and the component with a small portion of the boiling point remains in the heat pipe, and the resulting fourth bonding can affect the heating effect of the wire. , Causing the quality of DTY to decline, so you should clear it regularly. The cleaning cycle depends on the fiber of the processing filament, the speed of the machine and the type and content of the POY oil, generally 2-3 months. Regularly clean the guide wire tube in the hot tank. Pumped from above, immersed in 15% -20% alkali solution and heated, after cooling, washed out, washed with hot water, and then blow it with compressed air, check whether the tube is cleaned. When cleaning the tube, be careful not to damage the mouth, inner surface and other machine parts.

The guide wire tube within the second heat box should be cleaned regularly. Turn the hot tank to the tilt state, extract the tube from above, impregnate and heating in a 15% -20% alkali solution, then remove it, washed with hot water, and then blow it with compressed air, and check whether the tube is cleaned. When cleaning the pipe, be careful not to put the tube, inner wall, to avoid damage to the tube to rub the padded rib.

4, the maintenance of the leather roller

First, the two roller roller is usually grinded after 1-3 months, and the San Luoli roller is worn once in 6 months, and the bearing rotation is flexible while polishing.

5, repairing the repair of fake twisters

It is necessary to clear the waste silk wrapped on the ingot and the "snowflake" on the friction plate, and when the grinding disc speed is discovered, the fake tension disorder (confirmed is caused by the abrasive 假), when the head is difficult, should be removed Robbed fake twist check. Check that the small bearing of the fake twist is damaged and the rotation is flexible, and whether the micro-toothed belt that drives three spindles shaft is elongated or worn. If you find an exception to replace it in time.

6, adjustment of the winding device

If the winding key is found to be formed, there is a larger than the outer (detour of the normal trajectory), the collapse, the surface hardness is different, and the winding system must be checked, check whether the winding cartridge beats, whether the trajectory of the traveler is Correctly, etc.

7, check the elastic coupling

Every stop must be checked each elastic coupling for loose parts or signs of wear, loosening must be tight because, if worn must be replaced.

8, check the synchronization belt

The synchronous belt operation must be checked daily, and it is observed whether there is loose, less teeth, and the synchronous belt mutual friction.

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