[What is the trend of the traditional peak season market operation?]
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With the arrival of the traditional textile peak season, the market has begun to be unusually restless in the near future!

   Recently, the market has been screened by CCTV Finance reports! The report said: According to statistics released by the General Administration of Customs, from January to July this year, the cumulative export of domestic textiles and garments showed a steady trend, achieving growth compared with the same period in 2020 and 2019. Due to the obvious recovery in the external demand market, some garment processing factories' orders are even scheduled to next year.

   On the other side, on September 3, cotton and cotton yarn futures, an important raw material for the textile industry, ushered in a big rebound, both closing more than 3.5% higher.

   The market has begun to be extremely restless recently, so that textile people who originally expected a downturn have seen hope, then will the next peak season be prosperous? What is the trend of the traditional peak season market operation?

  From the immediate perspective, there are still differences in the market. The so-called gold nine silver ten refers to the domestic textile market ushering in more positive in September, the price of textile products will usually be stronger, but whether this year will be as expected, the market has more doubts.

Judging from the recent 10 surveyed companies, 20% of companies believe that the gold, nine, and silver ten market expectations are optimistic. Their main points are: First, they believe that in the traditional textile peak season, a large number of domestic orders will be placed in autumn and winter, and the overseas epidemic has not yet been alleviated. There is still a tendency for foreign orders to return. Second, the price of cotton is relatively strong. Considering the support of raw material cost, the yarn market is expected to run at a high level.

Companies that believe that market conditions are expected to be stable account for 50%. The main points of view are: First, the overall off-season of the cotton spinning market this year is not weak, and orders in the peak season are ahead. According to some textile companies, overseas "double festival" orders are ahead of previous years 2- It was released in 3 months, and the inventory of finished products has yet to be digested. Second, the recent orders of the yarn mills can be maintained for about one month, the yarn inventory of the manufacturers is low, and the short-term cotton spinning market price is still supported. The third is the impact of macroeconomic policies. In order to prevent the price of bulk commodities from rising too fast, the state's macroeconomic measures of "guarantee supply and stabilize prices" continue.

30% of companies believe that market conditions are expected to be negative. The main points of view are: First, there is a backlog of social inventories. Due to the large amount of yarn intermediaries in the early stage, the grey fabric factory did not purchase a large amount, and the cotton spinning industry chain did not conduct smoothly. Consider the interest of funds. Cost, it is expected that the middlemen will have a lot of willingness to sell goods and reduce prices in the later period. Second, the port shipping and logistics are tight, export shipping costs continue to rise, terminal textile and clothing profits are compressed, and export pressure has surged.

   On the whole, the editor believes that the current textile industry chain is still not smooth, and it takes time to digest the finished goods inventory of terminal grey cloth garments. Under the situation of weak fundamentals, supply and demand are weak, it is expected that the market "golden nine silver ten" peak season characteristics will not be too obvious. In the later period, we need to continue to pay attention to the inflection point of the recovery of terminal market demand and the node of domestic autumn and winter order placement.

   From the perspective of polyester filament and other raw materials, polyester factories have made several big promotions, and downstream purchases have increased, which in the short term has stimulated the enthusiasm of textile companies to purchase. However, due to the lack of bright spots in the terminal market orders, the demand-side trading atmosphere remained thin. In addition, the raw material market is declining, leading to more cautious placement of new orders. It is expected that the market for polyester filament yarns will fluctuate downward in mid-to-early September. However, as domestic orders are placed around the Mid-Autumn Festival, the market may improve by then, waiting for the "Golden Jiu" market to improve.

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