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You may never think of it. Every day, you can embrace bedding, and its comfort is related to the fabric technology, and it is inseparable from computer technology.

The reporter saw on the Mengjie Home Textile Intelligent Manufacturing Production line, after the system is online, automatic opening, automatic snack, automatic embroidery, automatic cutting ... a white flower cotton is like sitting in the mountain car, along the track It is in an orderly manner to reach the destination.

It takes only 15 minutes to make a complete set of four-piece finished products, with a daily output of 1100 beds, and only a few workers can be simple to operate throughout the workshop. In the home textile industry, the first smart production line of Mengjie Home Textiles was the "National Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project".

Intelligent production still exists, in the duvented filling workshop, dozens of new devices are put into production, the equipment's screen is accurately controlled in the quantity of each bed, on the large screen of the wall Record all production data. If necessary, there is a smart robot assistant in the workshop to help.

Workers are operating intelligent equipment in a fleece workshop.

In order to make the traditional textile industry more tightly with the times, Mengjie implemented high-end home textile intelligent manufacturing demonstration plant plans. "Although the automation equipment is also introduced to automated equipment, the effect is not ideal, and the overall gap is larger than the European and American manufacturers." The relevant person in charge introduced.

Through a large amount of investment and research and development, in the continuous exploration, Mengjie gradually forms a team of personnel construction in the construction of high-end home textile intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories, and cultivated a group of outstanding innovative talents in industrial Internet construction, providing sustained innovation capabilities for companies. At the same time, the rapid transformation of R & D results is achieved, and the most suitable intelligent production line is created.

Mengjie's own account, with the assistance of computer technology, intelligent manufacturing has increased the efficiency of high-end bedding to increase by 113%, and operating costs are reduced by 41%. The product upgrade cycle is reduced by 45%, and the product decrease is 50%.

Under intelligent manufacturing, Many project technology has reached the international advanced level, and the production efficiency and product key comprehensive indicators have won their own market.

In other words, traditional industries should be transformed, and the calculation technology is essential.

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