[China Textile Conference and Han DIP held video work conference]
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September 16th China Textile Industry Association (China Textiles) held a video work meeting in the Korean Fiber Industry Association (Han Federation).

Xu Yingxin, Vice President of China Textile, Jinji Jun, a vice president of Han Fiber, and a representative attended the meeting. Yuan Hongping, deputy secretary-general of China Textile, Yuan Hongping, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry, and Director of Foreign Affairs Office, Director of Foreign Affairs Office, and the National Trade Policy Commissioner Xue Feng.

Yuan Hongping presided over the meeting and introduced the Chinese and Participants to the Korean.

Golden Jun said in a speech that it is very happy to hold a video work meeting with China Textile Conference. Since the new championship, the Korean textile industry has not been optimistic. South Korea's domestic epidemic situation is still grim, and the new cases have once again more than 2,000 cases. The Korean government accelerates the promotion of vaccination work, and it is expected that 70% of Korea will complete the vaccination by the end of October this year. Jinjijun thanked China to support and help from Korean during the epidemic. Last October, South Korean investment in Myanmar companies suffered heavy losses, has been ably assisted by Myanmar and China Textile and Apparel Association. He looks forward to today's meeting to achieve positive results.

Xu Yingxin mentioned in the speech that the current, new crown epidemic is repeated, and the virus is frequent. Although the vaccine provides hopes to end the epidemic from an early age, most of the world is still in the shadow of new crown viruses. The uncertainty of the epidemic slows down the pace of global economic recovery. The manufacturing and shipping industry issues a complex and interrelated supply shortage in a global scale. The global textile industry is still in trouble. With the stabilization of the overall epidemic prevention and control in China for the better, China's textile industry has entered a stage of recovery growth in 2021. Today's conference will help the two sides have a deepening to exchange opinions on common concern, and have very positive significance.

At the meeting, the Korean representative introduced the recent situation and related policies since the epidemic. Since this year, although the production scale and index of Korean textile industry has rebounded, it is still lower than the level of epidemic. The overall employment is a decline, main reason is that the rapid increase in salary, forcing Korean textile companies to turn to overseas investment. Affected by the epidemic, Korea's domestic clothing sales continued to decline. Since the fourth quarter of last year, online clothing sales have two-digit growth trends. By the second quarter of this year, the export of the Korean textile and apparel is obvious, mainly due to the export of epidemic prevention materials such as masks. The United States exceeds Vietnam and China and has become the second largest exporter of Korean textile industry. Since November 2020, in order to address the influence of the epidemic, the Korean government has begun to implement the development of the textile industry, focusing on "sustainability, digitization, security, solidarity and cooperation" promotion industry adjustment.

Zhao Mingxia speared in the Chinese side. As the domestic epidemic prevention and control results continue to be consolidated, China Textile Industry entered the recovery growth phase in 2021. Our domestic market continued to pick up, showing new growth points of consumption during the epidemic, the primary market to provide a driving force for the development of the textile industry; domestic supply chain running smoothly, but also to ensure the competitiveness of the export industry stable release. Under the rise in the market, the production capacity utilization rate of the textile industry continued to improve, the main economic indicators achieved growth, and the production and sales scale basically reached the epidemic. Since the epidemic, the Chinese government has introduced a series of temporary, pragmatic support policies to help small and medium-sized enterprises have traveled to the difficulties and restore production. Zhao Mingxia also briefly introduced China's "Textile Industry" Development Outline "and emphasized that based on domestic demand markets, smooth circulation, is one of the most important development tasks in China's textile industry.

Finally, the two sides around the textile enterprises overseas investment, new industry development pattern, work together to address common challenges exchange of views. Looking forward to November this year, the 10th China-Japanese and Korean Fiber Industry Cooperation Video Conference can be held smoothly, and the three textile industries re-annually gathered again.

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