[Interview with Xie Bizhen, President of New UN, President]
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September 7, 2021, Xinlian and Group · Liu Wei 2022 spring and summer series grand release, the launch conference with the theme of "Star", adhering to "Technology, Comfort, Return" concept, will be soft lace fabric and comfortable knit The fabric is combined, and the feminine is self-confident, and the feminine style is perfectly presented by elegant and simple style and vitality.

As a comprehensive group integrating R & D, production, testing, trade, and the integrated group, Xinglian and Group has been committed to the protection and innovation of plant dyeing, with new functional green environmental protection for product design development. This season is advocated by human-partful sustainable concepts, showing more social responsible and trusted enterprises. To this end, we interviewed Xie Bi Zhen, President of the New Unitedity and the Group.

Please talk about the entrepreneurial course of engaged in the textile industry.

Xie Bizhen: At the beginning of the 1980s, my family moved to Hong Kong from Fuzhou, and later went to the United States. During the United States, the textile manufacturing industry was exposed from the US garment factory. Later, with this experience in the accumulation of overseas life and work, gradually played slowly in the textile industry. By the early 1990s, we responded to the government's call, ready to go to the mainland. After returning, the cause we wanted to do in the first time is the textile and manufacturing industry, and in the early 1990s, Bulu County, Huizhou, China A factory that makes the company a Hong Kong-owned enterprise entering China's investment and construction plant.

At that time, in 1997, China Hong Kong's upcoming opportunity, as well as the large number of people in mainland China and the potential consumer market, we judge that the textile industry will certainly have great development. With the deepening of domestic reform and opening up, the rapid development of Fujian coastal economic circles, before and after Hong Kong in 1997, Fujian Province launched an investment promotion activities in Hong Kong, and we used a Fujian in the local road. Hometown, the dream of developing quality textile industry. Therefore, in 2000 we officially decided to establish R & D and textile bases and test and dyeing bases in Fuzhou, Fuzhou, Fujian, and expanded the team several times.

Today, after 30 years of sedimentation, our New Year and enterprises have reached more than 45,000 tons; it has developed into a complete industrial chain, integrating research and development, production, testing, trade, and cost research, core technology, core Comprehensive group of products.

At the beginning of the new link and founding, there is a thrive development stage of the domestic textile industry, and what impressions in the Mainland investment buildings? What kind of expectation do you have for the development of New UNAFIA?

Xie Bizhen: Before returning to the mainland Investment Office, we have already accumulated a certain textile trade resource in Hong Kong. From the product market, it is not too difficult. From my individual, I always remember the initial heart of the textile industry in mainland China, and we responded to the call of the government, plus the industry's big development opportunities, so it was caught up with the day, the land, people, and entrepreneurship encountered. Difficulties have a lot.

Of course, when we started, our size was not so big, and later gradually expanded the production scale as the trade order did. Because we have consistently maintain integrity management, quality first business strategy, which allows the company to develop to multi-brand, multi-purpose new entity enterprises, have won good reputation in the market. Now, the new links and groups already have a complete R & D, testing, trading system, with UNICE, Hengyi Lace, Lianfeng Knitting, and Lianfeng test four brands. In recent years, we are also committed to the development of textiles such as children with professional textiles, sports professional textiles. In the future, we want to slowly transform from the industrial that focuses on producing manufactured to "Production and Research" and the new brand aggregation group - New Unitedity and the Group.

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