[Polyester industrial wire shows contradictions in supply and demand]
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During the 11th holiday, the polyester industrial silk rose the strong rising international crude oil, and the up atmosphere is strong. The company has more than 500 yuan / ton, and the actual stability is mainly shipped.

On the first day after the holiday, under the cost of power, the polyester industrial silk market rose 4.88%. The market is expected to be better in the fourth quarter, and the polyester industrial silk will be under the cost of boosting. It is rising all the way. It is necessary to be cautious to supply and demand.

LUN ZHANG news statistics show that today's polyester industrial silk is closed to 8600 yuan / ton, up 400 yuan / ton before the holiday, up to 4.88%, its main raw materials have light slice prices to receive 7,000 yuan / ton, up 250 Yuan / ton, the increase is 3.7%. At present, the polyester industrial wire has increased higher than the light cutting. The continuous rise in polyester industrial wire is mainly due to the strong rise in the international crude oil holidays nearly three years, and the polymerization cost and the light sliced transaction are moved, the cost is supported, and the polyester industrial wire is passively followed.

In the context of double-control, Jiangsu Hengli, Jiangsu Longjie, Changshu Polyester, Changshi Tong, Zhejiang Youv, Zhejiang Jintong Titan, etc. On October 8, the polyester industrial silk speed rate was 58.20%, which fell 1.31 percentage points from the previous working day.

During the National Day, Zhejiang Jinhui special factory restrictions started affected, and most factories maintained existing start-up, and the overall starting effect is limited. Only the Changshu one factory plan is only a continuous temperature rise in tomorrow. Drive, there is also a need to pay attention to policy-end guidelines, and there is currently two-control over the context, and the polyester industrial wire supply is short-term or low-load operation.

Polyester industrial wire downstream sectors are widely distributed, larger capacity of downstream enterprises, multi-scattered, except rubber and other industries, most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, according to collating, corporate production or More than the raw material, the demand is low, and there is no significant change in front of the section.

Summary: Under the policy guidance of dual-control and carbon peaks, the supply of polyester industrial wire has declined sharply, and the strong rising international crude oil eleven holidays, the cost is promoted, but the polyester industrial silk is rising, but considering the downstream demand or long time Maintaining low-load operation, the market needs to be cautious, after the international crude oil is stable, the polyester industrial silk supply and demand contradictions appears, and the factories inventory increases, or clamps its price upside space, and does not rule out the risks of falling risks, market people should be cautious.

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