[What you must know about using a polyester spinning machine!]
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When using polyester spinning machine, we should pay attention to:

(1) When trimming the clean spinning plate surface of the polyester spinning machine, wear protective gloves and anti-glasses. It is strictly forbidden to expose your arms to prevent burns and high-temperature melt splashing into your face.

(2) When adding heat medium, strictly prevent running, emitting, dripping and leaking. If it penetrates into the insulation layer, all the wetted parts of the insulation layer must be removed and updated. When disassembling the pipeline valves and flanges of the system, put the container, prepare the corresponding fire extinguisher, and strictly implement the fire use system.

(3) When cleaning the tunnel, sight glass, and ring oiler, although the ring blowing head can be locked by itself, further safety measures must be taken to prevent the ring blowing head from sliding down and hurting people.

(4) The display value of each control system and on-site instrument does not match, notify the electrical instrument department in time and make a record.

(5) If the instrument of the control cabinet fails, observe the displayed value of the on-site instrument, and the instrument failure of each alarm device shall be repaired immediately within a limited time.

(6) When the vapor phase heat medium is heating up, it should be heated up strictly according to the requirements, and the rate should not be too fast to avoid accidents.

(7) When the annular oiler needs to be disassembled, the tools must be held firmly to prevent it from falling into the tunnel and causing injury.

(8) The metering pump of the polyester spinning machine must be cranked before starting, otherwise it cannot be started. When changing the pump or pump shaft, prevent the body or head from colliding with other pump shafts.

Main features ofpolyester spinning machine:

1. Using LTM screw extruder with AC frequency conversion drive.

2. The melt distribution pipe with static mixer is equipped with continuous pre-filter.

3. The imported planetary pump with accurate measurement is equipped with top-mounted rectangular or bottom-mounted cup-shaped components, and slow cooling structure.

4. Even and stable side blowing system.

5. Oil spray system suitable for spinning fine denier and general oil tanker oiling system.

6. Reliable and uniform biphenyl heating system and safety protection measures.

7. Imported high-precision frequency converter, equipped with imported high-precision temperature control meter. It has the functions of setting, temperature control and monitoring.

8. High-speed automatic switching of winding heads.

DHKV1235-12 type polyester spinning machine:

This equipment is mainly used for spinning 50-150 denier polyester POY filaments, and the product is pre-oriented yarn. The raw material is polyester chips.

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