[Longhu Town adds new kinetic energy for the new weaving town]
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Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Government of Jinjiang City, this year, Longhu Town has been in accordance with the "234" industry layout in accordance with the "traditional industry improvement, emerging industry development, and three-yield service", focusing on "234" industry layout (highlight "two parks" Construction; promotion "three major transformations" speed; plan "four new projects"), plan to generate 15 incremental industrial projects (excluding fashion garden projects), and promote "production city and township" integration with gathering people, New tendon name towns add new kinetic energy.

In terms of the construction of the park, it is planned a hundred macro functional polyester film and differentiated chemical fiber production project. This is the largest traditional advantageous industry key project in the city during the 14th Five-Year Plan, with a total investment of 6,713 billion yuan. After putting into production, it can achieve an annual output value of over 8 billion yuan.

In addition, Longhu Town planned "four new projects", including Jinjiang City (Longhu) zipper industrial park, Jinjiang Naturalized Fiber Manufacturing Co., Ltd. New Plant Area, Xingke Sports Capital Capital and Occasion Project, Baihong Second Phase PVG Power Generation Project.

At the lower stage, Longhu Town will focus on the "four or five" and Jinjiang "one or five" work ideas of Quanzhou, combined with its own construction of "producing city and township", further strengthen the standardization construction of two parks. Continue to make a strong industry carrier; based on innovation, actively guide enterprises to promote high-quality development through strong chain, science and technology empowerment, etc. Can project, enhance the development of development, and promote the "Textile Town" to the "Textile Strengthen Town".

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