[China Textile Industry "Special Complete New" SME Union Conference held in Nantong, Jiangsu]
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On the afternoon of October 25, the China Textile Industry "Special Jingte New" SME Conference was held in Nantong, Jiangsu. The Director of the Ministry of Development, China Textile Planning Research Association, president of China Textile Planning Research Association, Dean of China Textile Construction Planning Institute, Chairman, China Textile Industry Deputy Director of the Industry Development, Intercourse of China Textile Industry Enterprise Management Association, Xie Qing, the national development reform committee industry coordination Division, the original inspector, He Yanli, China Textile Construction Planning, Vice President Liu Yanwei, China Textile Industry Association Industry Development Department Deputy Director, China Textile Construction Plant, Vice President Guo Hongqi, China Textile Industry "Special New" SMEs Secretary General Zhao Zhipeng, China Textile Construction Planning Institute Zhang Jie, Zhang Jiong, deputy director of the China Textile Industry Federation Science and Technology Development Department, Yu Xiangchang, secretary general of China Textile Planning Research Association, Zhang Zhanjun, Director of the China Textile Industry Federation, "China Textile" Magazine, China Chief Editor, Xinyu, Textile Optical Science and Technology Education Foundation, Chen Siqi and other leaders Alliance members are nearly 100 people.

Feng Dehu first interpreted the "special refinement new" high-quality development and small giant cultivation plan action plan for the 14th Five-Year Textile Industry.

Feng Dehu said that in order to accelerate the development of "new special", the relevant department of China's textile is increasing in the development of the gradient pattern. The specific goal is proposed in the "Sunday": the "14th Five-Year Plan", the "special Jing special new" development concept has become the guide for extensive consensus and action, and a large number of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises have grown into innovative importance. The industry large and medium-sized enterprises are innovative, and the supply chain association has a significant increase in innovation. SMEs "specializing in the new" development service system is basically perfect, and the modernization of industry chain supply chain is further improved. More than 500 small and medium-sized enterprises in the warehousing industry, strive to achieve 300 new national "small giants" enterprises in the textile industry, and cultivate manufacturing single champion companies to reach 30, domestic and foreign motherboards, Kobang The number of listed companies is 30.

Next, China's Textile Industry Development will continue to follow the overall requirements of "continuous, system, in-depth, precision", guide policy docking, strengthen gradient cultivation, improve service system, and cooperate with resources, and actively pioneering and innovating, and improve service levels. The textile industry "Special" SME network platform is built, actively carry out investigation and research, publicity release, special forum, exchange docking, professional exhibition, financial services, supply chain, large and medium-sized enterprises, etc. Gradually form a targeted, systematic specialized special new SME service system, and form a combination of services in China's textile industry services, promoting the innovation and development of SMEs and the high quality development of industry.

Deputy Director of China Textile Industry Federation, Vice President, China Textile Construction Planning, China Textile Industry .

Guo Hongjun said that it creates a good environment for the innovation growth and high quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry. According to the overall idea of "continuous, system, in-depth, precision", integrate various high-quality resources, "China Textile Industry Special SMEs" will organize investigation and research, publicity release, special forum, exchange docking, professional Exhibition, financial services, supply chain services, large and medium-sized enterprises, and consult services, etc.

China Textile Industry Association, deputy director, China Textile Industry "Special Jingte New" SME Union Expert Zhang Zhiong first introduced eight key projects to promote textile science and technology progress on the meeting: Textile consumer goods multi-functionalization Development engineering, high-performance fiber and product collaborative innovation project, high-performance engineering textile expansion application project, high-end health protection textile research and development promotion project, green fiber and product industrialization promotion project, ecological printing and dyeing and cleaning production project, high-end textile equipment Manufacturing engineering, smart manufacturing demonstration project of textile industry. Zhang Chuan said that the Ministry of China's Textile Science and Technology Development is responsible for the project, identification, aims to bring together the latest technologies and results in the development of the industry, and guide excellent results participation in project appraisal, industry and national science and technology awards and results promotion applications, and the unit can be directly Apply for a scientific and technological guidance program to the China Textile Science and Technology Development Department.

"China Textile" magazine chief editor, China Textile Industry "Special Jingte New" SME Union Experts Xinyu introduced the textile industry "Special Jingte New" SME column, Xinyu said, "China Textile" magazine opened " Specialized special new achievements future "columns, show how to develop small and medium-sized enterprises in the textile industry in excellent cases, reveal how" special new "is an important tool to solve the problem of card neck problems, how to target the slot market in fine The field has established a competitive advantage, how to effectively connect the breakpoint of the industrial chain, and dredge "gambling". The column will focus on the innovation capabilities of textile SMEs, digital communication, double carbon objectives, brand capabilities, etc.

In response to the textile industry "special primary new" SME market service, China Textile Construction Planning Institute chief engineer, China Textile Industry "SMEs Expert Zhang Jie said that China Textile Construction Planning Institute is mainly from enterprises Strategic start. Many SMEs will have some lack of strategic implementation, especially in integrated resources, so we will give companies overall strategic planning services. It is understood that SMEs are not very sound in innovative systems and innovation capabilities, lack of talents that can be traded. So companies do some projects are touched by the river, which needs to be good at using and integrating external resources, not their own singles. In this regard, China Textile Construction Planning Institute can help companies do some work, and they can also be helpful in digitization and this intelligent construction.

Jiangsu Fuzhi Island Mei'an Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang Chong, Vice Chairman of China Textile Industry Can condense, joint development, integration innovation, forming the development trend of alliances across the country, producing "1 + 1" greater than "2" polymerization effect, and jointly responds to competitive global textile industry development.

Zhang Chong believes that the polylactic acid fiber will become an indispensable variety of textile and apparel industries. The Mei'an, the island of Fuzhi will go all out, invest the greatest human, energy, financial, and material resources to conduct scientific research and development, and increase cooperation with major brands. Make polylactic acid fibers to industrialization and marketization.

After the meeting, the participants visited the "Popular Trend Exhibition of Zhang Wei Cup 2021 Home Textile Design Competition", Jiangsu Fuzhi Island Mei'an Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

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