[The launch ceremony of "30·60 China's Textile and Apparel Carbon Neutralization Action" was held]
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My country's 17 apparel brand companies and 40 key textile companies recently jointly held the launch ceremony of the "30·60 China Textile and Apparel Carbon Neutralization Action" in Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, announcing the commitment to climate action: a climate training camp within 6 months , We will begin to formulate carbon peak and carbon neutral targets in December, announce carbon peak and carbon neutral action plans and roadmaps within 24 months, and carry out carbon information disclosure on a regular basis.

   These companies include 57 companies including Jinba Menswear, Peacebird, Shandong Weiqiao, and Chenfeng Group, with total annual revenue of approximately 300 billion yuan.

It is understood that the China National Textile and Apparel Council officially launched the "China Fashion Brand Climate Innovation and Carbon Neutral Acceleration Plan" on June 1, 2021 to promote a group of top 500 competitive enterprises in the Chinese textile and apparel industry and give priority to support 30 key brands Enterprises and 60 key manufacturing companies have carried out climate innovation actions, and led key industrial clusters to demonstrate carbon neutrality in climate innovation actions.

Hu Kehua, deputy director of the Office of Social Responsibility of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, said that the Carbon Neutralization Acceleration Plan marked the beginning of China’s textile and apparel industry’s climate innovation 2030 action from the spontaneous stage to the autonomous stage. In important areas, China’s textile and apparel industry will fully contribute to the realization of China’s national independent emission reduction targets, explore sustainable production and consumption models and experiences, and vigorously promote the green transformation of the global fashion industry.

It is understood that in the next step, the China National Textile and Apparel Council will also create the "China Textile and Apparel Industry 30·60 Carbon Neutralization Acceleration Plan" corporate sustainable development innovation center, integrate the advantageous resources of the global industrial chain, and focus on supporting these companies’ joint collaborative R&D and model Exploration, technological innovation, product innovation, market application research and development, and talent training.

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