[What is the chemical fiber spinning principle of polypropylene spinning machine?]
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The chemical fiber spinning principle of the polypropylene spinning machine: the raw material is polypropylene PP, and the chemical fiber spinning principle is used to make the continuous filaments auxiliary into a fiber net during the polymer spinning process, and the fiber net is mechanically hot pressed into a finished product. The production process is short and the work efficiency is high.

The chemical fiber produced by the polypropylene spinning machine has high strength, good flexibility, non-toxic, antibacterial, corrosion resistance, high level of tensile strength and elongation, and is widely used in clothing, decorative materials, medical and health materials, and daily life Supplies, industry, agriculture and many other fields.

Main features of polypropylene spinning machine:

1. Can be used in the field of recycled materials

2. It can be heated by high-frequency hot roller, with low energy consumption and uniform temperature of the hot roller

3. The side blowing wind speed is uniform and stable

4. The polypropylene spinning machine runs stably, has a low failure rate, and is simple and convenient to operate and maintain

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