[Shengze held a textile circular economy industrial park construction promotion meeting]
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Wujiang High-tech Zone (Shengze Town) held the Wujiang Textile Circular Economy Industrial Park construction promotion meeting. Deputy District Mayor, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wujiang High-tech Zone, and Secretary of the Party Committee of Shengze Town, Shen Chunrong listened to the status, progress and problems encountered in the industrial park. The departments work together to study and solve the issues that need to be coordinated in the next step, and strive for the printing and dyeing enterprises of the town to enter the park as soon as possible.

At the meeting, Hong Liang, director of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Shengze Town, reported the latest progress of the Wujiang Textile Circular Economy Industrial Park project and the current bottlenecks encountered; Wu Ligen, director of the Construction Bureau of Shengze Town, reported on the road construction of the Wujiang Textile Circular Economy Industrial Park And adjustment of forest land.

   Township Rural Work Bureau, Natural Resources Institute, Economic Development Bureau, Administrative Service Bureau, "Three Governance" Office, Water Treatment Development Co., Ltd., Circular Economy Industrial Park Special Class and other relevant personnel exchanged and discussed the progress of the industrial park.

   It is reported that in Wujiang Textile Circular Economy Industrial Park, 8 printing and dyeing companies have obtained land. At present, the supporting infrastructure of the industrial park has started construction, of which the civil construction of the first phase of the sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 27,000 tons per day has been completed, and the gas turbine thermal power project plans to install and debug the equipment in the first half of 2022.

Shen Chunrong pointed out that Shengze Town should play its main role, actively strive for it, and coordinate at a high level. It should scientifically and rationally set up the road framework, water system planning, and ground and underground pipe networks in and around the industrial park, and promote it in phases and supervise the implementation; at the same time, accelerate the promotion of printing and dyeing enterprises. Agglomeration, refine the "Implementation Opinions on Agglomeration and Upgrade of Printing and Dyeing Enterprises", speed up the formulation of relocation policies, incentive measures, etc., and invite third-party appraisal companies to conduct land, plant, and equipment asset evaluations for representative printing and dyeing enterprises to provide reference for the next decision in accordance with.

Shen Chunrong emphasized that the textile industry is Shengze’s pillar industry, and it is also a beautiful business card. All relevant departments should list time nodes, overcome all difficulties, further sort out and research, and speed up the entry of 8 printing and dyeing companies in order to further promote traditional industries. Transformation and upgrading; it is necessary to rejuvenate the traditional industries at a higher level, carry out the overall layout in accordance with the concept of “factory, scenic area, and community”, and go all out to speed up the progress, and strive to achieve substantive progress in the project during the year.

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