[The pressure of spinning enterprises has increased and unabated expected policies to support]
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It is understood that although the phenomenon of gauze accumulation in the first quarter of 2022 continued to rise slightly, the profit margin was also low, some companies C40S and below were produced and sold for 500-1000 yuan/ton, but the reduction was less. The use of low -priced reserve cotton in the 2021 rotation is used to replenish the library for 2021/22 high -priced new cotton. On the other hand, some financial institutions have adopted support measures such as small and micro enterprises such as cotton textiles and clothing.

In the second quarter of this year, cotton textile factories faced pressure to increase continuously compared with the first quarter. Recently, energy prices have soared, and food prices have risen sharply. The U.S. government's strict implementation of import -related products' ban has gradually emerged to the formation of cotton textile factories. The recent outbreak spread of the epidemic has caused the situation of prevention and control in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2022, and the impact of "dynamic clearing" on cotton textile factories cannot be underestimated.

Several spinning companies in Zibo, Texas and other places in Shandong stated that solving problems such as cotton procurement, cotton spinning sales, and factory production of enterprises should be given from the following aspects. The prices of cotton or the top prices; second, in addition to the support of credit, taxation and other policies, hopes to consider reducing the costs, natural gas costs, and water costs such as cotton spinning, to reduce the burden of business operations; Cotton prices have greatly exceeded the digestion of cotton textile factories, and the enthusiasm of textile companies to connect high yarns and high -level high -density cloth orders is low. At present, the United States and Israeli Pi Mamona, which are bonded and cleared at the port, are also high. Traders' righteous prices and the willingness to force spinning companies to be fascinated, which is not conducive to the upgrading and sustainable development of my country's cotton textile industry. Return to its actual value is critical.

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