[After the holiday, the market is obviously recovered, and the demand turning point still needs to wait]
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After May 1st, it was subject to the booster of nylon raw materials such as crude oil and pure benzene, and hebramine. Many nylon silk factories reported a new round of price increases again. Purchasing enthusiasm, in addition to the stocking before the festival, now a small amount of just need to be reserved and has a low level. The demand side is difficult to promote the market's transaction price.

From the perspective of price, the overall market of the nylon long silk this year is in the interval. Compared with the market price in April, the overall showed upward trend. As of May 10, 2022, the Poy85D/24F market price was 17,900 yuan/ton, an increase from the beginning of the month. 400 yuan/ton, the monthly increase was 2.29%; the DTY70D/24F market price was 20,500 yuan/ton, an increase of 550 yuan/ton from the beginning of the month, and the monthly increase was 2.76%; 500 yuan/ton, a monthly increase of 2.73%;

After the holiday, the market was obviously recovered, and the crude oil once again impacted the price of 110. Due to the depreciation of the RMB, the price of the outer plate benzene was equivalent to the increase in the price of the RMB. Under the state of continuous losses of the nylon nymphicide market, the upward channel has also been opened with the cost. Since April April, it has a decrease in supply. Low level.

As of May 10th, the spot price of the nipyamide of the East China market was 14300-14400 yuan/ton, and the acceptance was delivered. The parties have a cautious look at the market market. High -priced transactions are difficult and the industry is not confident in the market outlook, and the capital risk brought by high -priced raw materials is also equivalent to high. The price of short -term crude oil is basically thrown to maintain a high level of shock. The CPL has a strong demand for CPL under cost, and there is no risk of significant decline. The cost of throwing costs requires the guidance of crude oil, pure benzene prices to 己 己 己 and sliced price.

The recent downstream terminal industry raw material inventory and orders have shown a double decline. On the one hand, the geopolitical crisis has pushed up the price of oil since the beginning of the year, the prices of various chemical fiber varieties have been high, and the high prices of downstream users are high -priced and emotional heating up, and the procurement has maintained a rigid need. Reduce the situation. On the other hand, the situation of overseas epidemic is severe, while the epidemic situation in some regions of the country recur, suppress the confidence of market personnel, and the epidemic affects the logistics and transportation of local areas. After the May 1st, domestic terminal demand continued to be sluggish, and the gulfa inventory was high and difficult to digest. The downstream terminal market is always demanding, and it is not optimistic about the overall transaction. The downstream terminal customers are not confident in the market outlook, and they are resistant to high -priced goods.

Under the constraints of demand, the pressure of nylon long silk inventory is also growing. The small and medium -sized factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have reduced production at a low level. The large -scale construction of the Fujian plant is slightly higher. It is in a weak position last year, and the load decline is difficult. At this time, the raw material is strong and rising, and the inventory transfer is formed in the follow -up or to a certain extent. The subsequent production and sales are still to be observed. Time verification.

In summary, the demand for the downstream terminal market is currently weak, and the overall market production and sales rhythm is average. All parties have a cautious watching attitude towards the market outlook. The strong price of raw materials is still to promote the strong support of the nylon market. It is expected that the transaction of the short -term nylon long silk market is difficult to rise, and the market price may rise → stalemate → slightly declined trend. The price is mostly adjusted with the cost end. There will be great changes. The downstream needs to be issued. If the weaving demand is expected to improve, the impact of external impact will also weaken, and market confidence will also improve significantly.

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