[Do you know the principles of chemical fiber spinning wires in Polyrionic spinning machine?]
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Do you know the principles of chemical fiber spinning wires in Polyrionic spinning machine?

Principles of chemical fiber spinning in Patey Pleel Patechen Textiles: The raw materials are based on polypropylene PP, and the principle of chemical fiber spinning is used to supplement the continuous long silk as a fiber net during the polymer spinning process. The production process is short and the operational efficiency is high.

The chemical fiber produced by polypropylene yarn spinning machine has high strength, good softness, non -toxic, antibacterial, corrosion resistance, high -level stretching strength and elongation, and widely used in clothing, decorative materials, medical and health materials, daily life, daily life Products, industry, agriculture and other fields.

Polypropylene yarn spinning machine uses a new high -efficiency and energy -saving spinning box, which is energy -saving than ordinary spinning box;

Polypropylene yarn spinning machine  adopts an upper loaded component to facilitate spinning operation;

Polypropylene yarn spinning machine  side hair drying system, the wind speed is uniform and stable, and the fiber strip is dry.

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