[How to use polyester spinning machine?]
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How to use polyester spinning machine?

(1) When the cleaning spinning board surface of the polyester spinning machine is trimmed, we can wear protective gloves and preventing glasses. It is strictly forbidden to bare the arms to prevent burns and high temperature melt into the face.

(2) When adding the heat media, prevent running, stealing, dripping, and leaks. If it penetrates into the thermal insulation layer, the insulation layer must be cleared and updated. When disassembling the pipeline valve and flange of the system, put a good dealer, prepare the corresponding lighter, and strictly implement the fire use system.

(3) When cleaning the martial arts, vision mirrors, and ring -shaped oil device, although the ring can be locked by itself, further safety measures must be taken to prevent the ring blowing the head and hurting people.

(4) The display values of each control system and on -site instrument do not match the electrical instrument department in time and make records.

(5) Control the fault of the instrument of the cabinet. To observe the display value of the on -site instrument, each alarm device instrument fails to repair immediately.

(6) When the auto -phase heat media is heating, the heating should be rising strictly in accordance with the requirements, and the rate must not be fast, so as not to cause accidents.

(7) Circular oil device needs to be obtained when the tool is removed to prevent injury accidents from falling into the martyrdom.

(8) The measurement pump of the polyester spinning machine must be moved before starting, otherwise it cannot be started. When changing the pump or pump shaft, prevent the body or head from colliding with other pump shafts.

DHKV1235-12 type  polyester spinning machine:

This device is mainly used for spinning 50 ~ 150 -time polyester Poy long silk, and the product is pre -taken. Its raw materials are polyester slices.

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