[Textile Green Innovation Transformation Project: Call for Climate-Friendly Technologies]
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As the key driving force for realizing the "dual carbon" goal, green and low-carbon technological innovation not only provides practical methods for the realization of low-carbon, zero-carbon and negative carbon from the technical level, but also plays a role in promoting the development of green and low-carbon industries.

The green and low-carbon transformation of the textile industry means that industrial development no longer relies on high energy consumption, high pollution, and high emissions, but instead combines green and low-carbon technological innovation with industrial transformation and upgrading, running through the entire production process of enterprises, and promoting the rapid expansion of green technology. Large-scale application and iterative upgrading can effectively promote the green and clean transformation of the industry, improve resource utilization efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions.

The Social Responsibility Office of China National Textile and Apparel Council, with the support of China Textile Information Center, HSBC Bank, and WWF World Wildlife Fund, will jointly carry out a green innovation transformation project in the textile industry (2021-2025) in 2021, focusing on:

The Climate Innovation Academy provides 4 modules of online courses on climate action awareness and capacity building for fashion industry companies and practitioners. Climate-friendly technology sharing meeting, in order to promote the promotion and transformation of climate-friendly technology in the textile industry, carry out offline communication and docking activities, and plan to hold 7 sessions in 2022 (Suzhou, Ningbo, Changzhou, Qingdao, Zibo, Foshan, Shaoxing) Climate Contribution It aims to establish an online interactive platform for information disclosure of corporate climate action goals, roadmaps and results.

In order to effectively promote the application of green and low-carbon technology, the Social Responsibility Office of China National Textile and Apparel Council, together with the Science and Technology Development Department of China National Textile and Apparel Council, launched the collection of "climate-friendly technologies in the textile industry" on the National Low-Carbon Day in 2022. And promote a batch of innovative technologies, engineering cases and solutions with high scientific and technological content, good pollution control effect, low resource consumption, advanced and practical, and provide scientific and technological support for promoting scientific decision-making, precise pollution control and reduction of carbon sinks for textile enterprises.

Climate-friendly technologies selected for the Green Technology Innovation Acceleration Platform and the Climate Contributors Platform will be selected during 2022-2025

Recommend 30.60 Carbon Neutralization Acceleration Program member companies and their industry chain partners to carry out applications

Connect with green financial institutions and develop green technology application credit

Member companies of the 30.60 Carbon Neutrality Acceleration Program

The climate-friendly technologies solicited this time mainly cover alternative, potential, and new carbon reduction, zero-carbon or negative-carbon technologies in the production process of the textile industry. Mainly include (but not limited to):

New energy technologies such as distributed renewable energy and energy storage;

Alternative technologies such as energy efficiency improvement, process optimization, building energy conservation, facility energy conservation, and high-energy-consuming equipment;

Excellent engineering cases and solutions such as high material use efficiency, good resource recycling and low greenhouse gas emissions;

And new models and methods involving materials, energy, facilities, equipment, processes or management.

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