[The "Light of Spinning" 2022 China Textile Federation Technology Award review meeting was successfully held in Qingdao]
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From October 27 to 30, the "Textile Light" 2022 Science and Technology Award judging meeting of China National Textile Industry Council was held in Qingdao. China textile industry association, vice President of Li Lingshen, Chinese Academy of Engineering jian-yun yu, yu-zhong wang, wen-xing Chen, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences mei-fang zhu, light textile, chairman of the education of science and technology foundation Ye Zhimin, as well as from the national association of colleges and universities, research institutes, enterprises, industry experts and representatives of more than 70 people attended the judges.

Since 2019, according to the national overall requirements of deepening the reform of science and technology reward system, China's textile industry association of science and technology awards on the basis of keeping progress prize in science and technology, have been added for technical invention and special contribution award - SangMa scholars, adjusted the reward level, among them, technical invention and prize in science and technology progress prize two kinds, set up the first prize, second prize two grades, Special Contribution Award - No more than 4 Sangma scholars will be selected each year.

The Technical Invention Award is awarded to individuals and units who, in the course of textile related science and technology and production activities, have made inventions and creations of products, processes, materials and systems by applying scientific and technological knowledge and have made contributions to the promotion of economic and social development and the protection of national security. The prize for scientific and technological progress is awarded to individuals and units that have made outstanding contributions to technological research, technological development, technological innovation, popularization and application of advanced scientific and technological achievements, promotion of industrialization of new and high technologies, and completion of major scientific and technological projects and planned projects.

According to the Science and Technology Award Office of China Textile Federation, a total of 201 projects have been applied for the Technology Invention Award and the Science and Technology Progress Award this year. After the formal review of 191 qualified projects into the network review. The network evaluation was divided into SEVEN PROFESSIONAL GROUPS according to the applied project specialty, namely TEXTILE GROUP, chemical fiber group, industrial group, dyeing and finishing group, mechanical automation group, standard group and soft science group. The evaluation experts conducted the preliminary evaluation of the project according to the reward scope of the group.

This review meeting is a meeting to review the projects through the online review, and the review results will be submitted to the review committee for deliberation and voting. In order to ensure the fair, fair, transparent and standard evaluation, the conference invited the leaders and media representatives of Textile Light Technology Education Foundation to observe the meeting. It is suggested that the award project and grade list will be publicized through relevant media in the near future.

In his concluding speech, Li Lingshen said that the enthusiasm of this year's science and technology award applications and the overall level of projects are high, which shows that China has made great progress and great achievements in textile science and technology in recent years. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that "we should focus on the real economy to develop the economy, promote a new type of industrialization, and accelerate the construction of a strong country in manufacturing and quality", which brought new opportunities for the development of the industry and the scientific and technological revolution. Based on this, he put forward three aspects that need to be improved in the future innovation of textile science and technology: first, the work of science and technology is of great significance to promote the optimization of industrial structure, and during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, it is still necessary to strengthen the structural adjustment of textile industry through scientific and technological innovation; Second, the innovation ability of textile technology needs to be improved. In the future, enterprises, research institutes and industry associations need to work together to promote innovation and development. Third, to strengthen the originality of science and technology projects, to promote self-reliance in textile science and technology.

Li Lingshen stressed that the current complex international situation has put forward higher requirements for industrial science and technology work, and the development of the real economy is inseparable from the help of scientific and technological innovation. He hoped that the industry will further attach importance to and support scientific and technological innovation, and truly promote the implementation of the development strategy of manufacturing power.

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