[Digital technology is empowering China's fashion industry]
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What is it like to wear the meta-universe on your body? The first Wuhan-based Fashion Design Show and the first "Computational Cube" fashion industry Summit Forum in Wuhan-based fashion industry opened on the evening of 14th. Industry experts, well-known enterprises and representatives of universities from home and abroad discussed the new fashion track in Wuhan-based fashion industry.

On the show, one by one, the digital plate making, the design of clothing blending the virtual and real through the computer engine, 3D modeling and other technologies, from "mountain and sea monster" to "alien traveler", highlighting the unimaginative imagination.

Yang Jian, executive chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, said the Metauniverse will bring rich application scenarios and diversified industrial ecology to the fashion industry, and promote the emergence of new products, new business forms, new models and new consumption. With the iteration of technology, design and technology are deeply integrated, from digital twin to digital native, fashion designers continue to innovate in the field of meta-universe.

According to the traditional process of the garment industry, it takes a lot of labor and fabric costs to make a garment, said Zha Gan, chairman of Wuhan Yuanuniverse Industrial Alliance and Wuhan Zeta Cloud Technology Co., LTD. Metauniverse subverts the traditional fashion design and pattern making mode and breaks through the clothing industry chain, which will save tens of thousands of tons of fabric waste in China, reduce fabric printing and dyeing, and reduce environmental pollution.

"As the world's largest clothing production base, China's powerful flexible supply chain can enable everyone's clothing customization to be realized in the meta-universe." "Said Chagan.

Zheng Da, dean of the College of Fine Arts at Central China Normal University, said the craze has spread to consumer goods, and China's fashion industry is also speeding up its digital transformation. Many well-known clothing and beauty brands have "stepped into" the metauniverse, setting off a new trend. Metauniverse not only provides designers with a broader creative space, but also can meet the personalized needs of consumers.

The reporter finds that, at present, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other places have stepped up the layout of the metacosmic industry circuit, and intensively introduced relevant policies and planning documents.

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