[Polypropylene fiber spinning machine adopts high efficiency and energy saving spinning box!]
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The function of polypropylene fiber spinning machine is to melt the melt through the bend into the spinning box, the metering pump by the spinning head ejection, cold solidified into silk, and continue to cool through the tunnel and finally wind forming. Polypropylene fiber spinning machine is mainly composed of spinning control system, biphenyl boiler control system, winding machine control system and so on.

The chemical fiber spinning principle of polypropylene  yarn stretching machine : the raw material is polypropylene PP, the chemical fiber spinning principle is used, in the process of polymer spinning the continuous filament auxiliary into a fiber net, the fiber net by mechanical hot pressing into finished products. The production process is short and the operation efficiency is high.

Characteristics of polypropylene  yarn stretching machine:

1. Screw lengthening type, frequency conversion and pressure regulation instrument for imported brands

2. A new type of high efficiency and energy saving spinning box is adopted, which is more energy saving than the ordinary spinning box.

3. The upper - mounted components are used to facilitate the operation of the spinner.

4. Side blowing system, wind speed is uniform and stable, fiber strip dry well.

5. polypropylene  yarn stretching machine adopts induction or high frequency heating draft roll to reduce energy consumption.

6. A variety of combinations of multistage drafting and thermal setting can meet the requirements of different properties of polypropylene fiber retractor.

7. polypropylene  yarn stretching machine using automatic winding head, switching success rate is high, low waste silk rate, good forming.

8. Temperature control instrument and frequency converter are imported brands.

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