[Do you know the characteristics of polypropylene fiber spinning machine?]
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What are the characteristics of polypropylene spinning machine?

Main features of polypropylene spinning machine:

1. It can be used in the field of recycled materials

2. High frequency hot roller can be used for heating, low energy consumption and uniform temperature of hot roller

3. The wind speed of side blowing is uniform and stable

The polypropylene spinning machine has stable operation, low failure rate, simple operation and maintenance

The function of polypropylene spinning machine is to make the melting melt through the bend into the spinning box, by the metering pump from the spinning head, cold solidification into silk, and through the tunnel to continue cooling and finally winding. Polypropylene spinning machine is mainly composed of spinning control system, biphenyl boiler control system, winding machine control system and other parts.

The spinning control system of polypropylene spinning machine mainly includes the transmission control of metering pump, the transmission control of oil pump and the collection and recording of some temperature and pressure signals in the field. Each spinning position on site is equipped with a button box. The start and stop of the metering pump and the agent pump are controlled by the button on site, so the enabling signal of frequency conversion is generally given by the terminal.

Because metering pump and oil pump are synchronous motor, so the frequency conversion only needs the general open-loop control. The difference between metering pump and oil pump is that metering pump is usually driven by frequency converter, while oil pump is driven by frequency converter.

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