[What is the function of polypropylene spinning machine?]
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What is the function of polypropylene spinning machine?

The function of polypropylene spinning machine is to melt the melt through the bend into the spinning box, the metering pump by the spinning head ejection, cold solidified into silk, and continue to cool through the tunnel and finally wind forming. polypropylene spinning machine is mainly composed of spinning control system, biphenyl boiler control system, winding machine control system and so on.

The spinning control system of polypropylene spinning machine mainly includes metering pump transmission control, oil pump transmission control and some field temperature, pressure signal acquisition record. Each spinning position on site is equipped with a button box, and the start and stop of metering pump and oil pump are controlled by the button on site, so the enable signal of frequency conversion is generally given by the terminal.

1, automatic feeding machine, master grain injection machine, screw extruder;

2, pre-filter (selected by the user), spinning box and components, metering pump and drive;

3. Side blowing and passage, draft hot roll, winding frame and oil nozzle (tanker) loading device;

4, network device, automatic winding machine

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