[Viscose staple fiber overall stable operation price small shock finishing operation]
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In October 2023, viscose staple fiber ran smoothly on the whole, and the price fluctuated slightly. In early mid-month, the cost support was strong, the factory issued a new round of price policy, and the quotation was slightly increased; Overall market shipments slowed down, manufacturers' inventories increased slightly in late October, and individual quotations were slightly lowered near the end of the month. The prices of raw material dissolved pulp and auxiliary caustic soda are high, which have a supporting effect on the price of viscose staple fiber. Downstream cotton yarn is relatively flat, wait-and-see sentiment is strong, there are not many orders, the focus of the local discussion has declined slightly, the demand of downstream weaving manufacturers is still relatively flat, the improvement is not obvious, most people have concerns about the market in November and December.

In terms of cost: in October, the price of raw material dissolved pulp remained high and stable, Hunan and Shandong manufacturers produced broadleaf dissolved pulp, domestic dissolved pulp quoted 7500-7600 yuan/ton, imported broadleaf dissolved pulp quoted 880 US dollars/ton, needle dissolved pulp about 890-900 US dollars/ton, part of the current negotiation. The high price of raw material acid and base fell slightly, and it was not transmitted to viscose staple fiber, but the overall sign of loosening was slightly.

Supply demand: The probability of viscose staple fiber industry is basically maintained, the enthusiasm of raw material procurement is low, and the inventory pressure of manufacturers increases slightly in the late month. Rayon yarn factory mainly consumes inventory, the enthusiasm for filling orders is not high, rayon yarn is relatively flat, the new order is not much just need to replenish, the overall demand is general.

Downstream cotton yarn market: In October, the viscose price center of gravity was flat, the cost support of cotton yarn was strong, but the demand was light, the yarn factory remained cautious and wait-and-see, the production enthusiasm of the yarn factory was not high under the local loss, and the local negotiation center declined slightly. As of October 31, the average price of human cotton yarn (30S, ring spinning, first-class products) was 17,500 yuan/ton, which was 150 yuan/ton lower than the previous month, a monthly decline of 0.85%. The new order is not much just need to replenish, the overall shipment is general, the demand of downstream weaving manufacturers is still relatively flat, and the improvement is not obvious.

Future forecast: the price of raw material dissolved pulp is high and stable, but the price of acid and alkali is falling slightly, and the cost support is declining slightly. The market procurement enthusiasm is not high, the downstream demand performance is flat, the traditional textile peak season is about to pass, most people are worried about the market in November and December, analysts expect the short-term viscose staple fiber, rayon yarn market is stable, the price or will decline slightly.

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