[Entering May printing and dyeing market will be differentiated]
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Will the printing and dyeing market diverge?

With the end of the May Day holiday, the printing and dyeing market gradually returned to the normal rhythm of work. Most of the orders received before the festival have successively entered the delivery stage, and the just-needed order support has narrowed. Judging from the current order situation, the factory has maintained a higher position of 90% due to the acceptance of orders. And most of the medium-sized dyeing plant load is around 7-80%. However, the printing machine bleaching and dyeing factory, its start-up load is relatively low, hovering around 4-5%, mainly concentrated in the single dyeing link.

It can be seen that when the traditional peak season ended and entered May, the printing and dyeing market appeared differentiation. In particular, there is differentiation in the variety of fabrics, and the printing and dyeing factories or workshops that produce hot fabrics are obviously busy. A professional production of elastic fabric dyeing factory salesman said: "The elastic workshop is still very busy, or pressure card, shipping at least 15 days." The production of conventional varieties of printing and dyeing factories are faster, such as the production of polyester Tafu, nylon silk, Oxford cloth and other fabrics, the delivery time is only one week. Therefore, in terms of delivery, due to the decline in the number of orders, the delivery time has also eased, generally in about 7 days, and individual products and manufacturers need more than 15 days.

Future market analysis

Demand expectations: From the demand side, some printing and dyeing factories depending on the demand situation or will have a negative plan, printing and dyeing factory in the production of pre-orders, is expected to maintain the printing and dyeing operating rate near 60%-70%, some printing and dyeing factories said that the current domestic sales orders or continue to fade, the demand side to give dye price support weak operation.

Cost expectation: The quantity of inventory in the dye yard is small, most of them are made now, the sustainable time of orders is short, and the enthusiasm of the dyeing factory is not high. From the cost side, it is expected that the price of raw materials will be weak in the later stage, and the cost side drive for dyes will be weakened. It is estimated that the supply in the dye field is stable in the later period, and the disperse dye market price or deadlock operation is considered comprehensively.

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