[The textile market in the epidemic is to be slow recovery]
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Recently, due to the market, the market has finally passed the long-lost news. As April 11 The State Council issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job Society of Freight Logistics", nearly two days gradually emerged. According to reports, the logistics transportation of Haining, Puyuan, Jinjiang, etc. also has a greater improvement.

It is understood that the influence of the epidemic is influenced by the epidemic, and the general reflection of many orders in the previous period is forced to cancel, and the raw materials can not come. Today's logistics ushered in improvement, due to the time and order of the epidemic and orders?

Raw materials procurement, woven orders or better than the previous period

It is understood that some highway entrances and entrances, toll stations, and the truck drivers have set heavy restrictions on the truck driver, even if some normal open highway ports were closed by 10 provinces and cities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and Hebei. A large number of drivers cannot be high-speed due to the trip code star or the foreign license plate (the intersection of nucleic acid detection ability is serious), resulting in a sharp increase in transportation costs.

The increase in freight increases the procurement cost of the textile enterprises. Continuously increase. Some institutions, traders said that the actual boot rate of woven companies in the Yangtze River Delta region or below 60%, resulting in passive postpartum continuation of enterprise raw material retention.

In general, logistics transportation will gradually and smoothly alleviate the market supply chain from the shortage of raw materials and the lower reachable order, but in the absence of the epidemic, the upper and downstream mentality will tend to be cautious, large The scale raw material procurement and woven orders are difficult to achieve.

The order is not only just logistics, it is a problem for the terminal!

Although logistics has caused great influence on orders of domestic textiles in the short term, more importantly, the demand for domestic trade in the epidemic "roll" has spread from the terminal to upstream, recently, visiting Hangzhou International Clothing City, Hua Hangzhou Fa-spinning city, trade sho industry clothing city, nine-day ring north clothing city, four seasons Qingxian clothing big market (men's clothing center) and other clothing market, the old car Horse dragon has disappeared, and most of the merchants in the stage can be launched.

Wholesale market missed the gold sales time in April-June, the spring stock lyrics are serious, if the epidemic can't control it as soon as possible, it is difficult to support, especially the wholesale market in spring and summer, the file rents is expensive, the financial chain is insufficient Will continue to affect autumn and winter procurement and sales even survival. From the seasonal factor, the raw material procurement may not follow seasonality, but the seasonality of the clothing market is very obvious. It is not exaggerated that the spring orders in the apparel market have become inventory, and the corresponding spring orders may have been put on hold. It came to next year.

Not just the factors of the epidemic, the textile foreign trade market since this year is also facing heavy resistance! From this year's textile market, there is a fundamental reason for the lack of profit exports.

Affected by the epidemic, the global apparel industry is impacted, not only the physical clothing retail is hit hard, but the retail of online apparel is also lost due to logistics. Whether it is an international luxury brand clothing or a fast fashion brand, it is in trouble, and all enterprises have self-rescued each other.

A greater impact may be in the order inverse reflux, in the series of interviews in the "order reflux" in 2021, many merchants said to reporters "order do have back", "inquiry and the number of goods It has increased, and even some of the orders of the manufacturing enterprises have been ranked 2022. "

The head of the largest costumes in Anhui Province revealed that the company received a large number worth more than 30 million US dollars in May 2021. It is a US knitted garment customer who has worked in a small single child. Batch basic costumes. In 2021, it was impacted by the epidemic. The factory in Southeast Asia could not produce this batch of goods. After the order was canceled, the order was transferred from Indonesia and Vietnam. To this end, the company also established the "Development Division" specializing in this order .

Can the company also receive these reflow orders in 2022? Industry people say "cautious and optimistic attitude". "The competition is still very intense, according to the fabric factory asked around our circle, they said that the current fabric has been sent to Southeast Asia, and the reflux may not be as obvious in 2021." In recent years, with the industrial migration trend, The number of textile and apparel companies in my country has declined year by year, and the small and medium-sized textile and apparel companies have poor competitive strength, and there is a poor anti-risk ability. It has gradually eliminated the signs of clearance, and the epidemic catalytic accelerates the speed of the industry.

The same is true of the actual situation, according to the statistics of the Statistical Statistics of Vietnam, the Vietnamese cargo export amount reached 53.79 billion US dollars in 2022, an increase of 10.2% over the same period in 2021. A total of 9 items have exceeded US $ 1 billion, accounting for 71.6% of total exports. It is understood that many local textile companies orders have even been ranked in Season 3 this year.

If the epidemic is difficult to control, the slightly destroyed textile market will no longer "wrote"

According to the backward trip, there are two phenomena in the middle and lower reaches. First, the domestic epidemic is still difficult to control in May, and the end demand is still difficult to get it, and the middle and lower reaches of the middle and lower reaches continue to reduce the booting rate and discontinuation, to save Survival strength. Second, the domestic epidemic is comprehensive control, production fluidity under the guidance of national stimulus policies, domestic low-raw material inventory levels ushered in the reservoir, driving the upstream sales turnover rate improvement and price stabilization.

From the current situation, the epidemic has led to the continuous shrinkage of domestic textile market, and the post-recovery period is post-reset. In addition, the impact of geopolitical conflicts, the international environment is complicated, and the future situation is not clear, and the textile and apparel industry has brought unpredictable impact. Since this year, many textiles have faced cash pressure, market shrinkage, environmental inspection, and urgent need of transformation; especially the influence of the epidemic, more snow is more snow!

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