[Yingshang, Anhui: Spring cocoons are happy with a bumper harvest, and a new "silk" road to wealth]
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The wild nibble eats the green mulberry and spins silk into a cocoon. Entering June, it is another year when silkworm farmers have a bumper harvest. In Sanlin Farm, Gengpeng Community, Gengpeng Town, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, Wu Baoshen, the head of the farm, is checking the cocoon formation of spring silkworms with the workers in the silkworm raising shed. Due to the impact of the previous low temperature, the time for silkworm cocoon formation this year Three or five days later than usual.

Wu Baoshen has raised silkworms in 6 greenhouses this year. During the one-month growth cycle, silkworms eat mulberry leaves constantly, and their weight can increase by 10,000 times. The bigger the silkworm, the bigger the cocoon, and the better the price. It is expected to earn 600,000 yuan this year.

In Gengpeng Town, there are nearly 3,000 silkworm farmers like Wu Baoshen. In recent years, Gengpeng Town, Yingshang County has been actively optimizing the industrial structure, relying on the largest comprehensive cocoon and silk enterprise in Anhui Province to develop basic agriculture for mulberry and sericulture, integrate sericulture resources, and vigorously cultivate professional cooperatives, family farms and professional sericulture households , to build a sericulture industry development consortium, sericulture has become a pillar industry for local farmers to increase their income and become rich.

In the past few days, silkworm farmers are busy sending their freshly picked silkworm cocoons to the purchase point of Anhui Jingjiu Silk Co., Ltd. for sale, and the purchasers at the cocoon station are busy screening and weighing the silkworm cocoons. From June 3, the company opened the scale to collect silkworms, and the purchase price of the first batch of silkworm cocoons was 31 yuan/catties. In the early stage, affected by the low temperature weather and the different feeding conditions of silkworm farmers, the maturation time of silkworms this year is not concentrated, and the acquisition time will be relatively prolonged. Since 2004, the company has invested in a new sericulture technical training school, a small silkworm co-breeding room and a number of modern silkworm cocoon harvesting and drying factories in Gengpeng Town. The purchase price of silkworm cocoons has a guaranteed reserve price, which is higher than the national average price all the year round.

"This year, we set a price of 62 yuan per kilogram for a good cocoon." Wang Xiaofei, deputy general manager of the company, said that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic and other factors, the market for cocoon silk and silkworm cocoons is not very good, but the company is in order to protect the base silkworm farmers. We still buy your cocoons at a price much higher than the national market average.

Up to now, the existing silkworm planting area in Gengpeng Town exceeds 17,000 mu, with an annual output value of 110 million yuan, driving more than 3,000 local farmers to plant mulberry and sericulture, increasing their average income by 16,000 yuan. "The effect of the industrial development model is outstanding, driving farmers to increase their income. In May of this year, Gengpeng Town cooperated with the Sericulture Research Institute of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences again. By giving full play to the professional scientific research advantages of scientific research institutes, using the platform to gather the strength of expert teams, providing high-quality services, and quickly transforming scientific research results into power to support the development of the industry , to promote the high-quality development of the sericulture industry.

"We combine the development of the sericulture industry with the promotion of rural revitalization, promote the quality and efficiency of the sericulture industry, and help the people increase their income steadily." The relevant person in charge of Gengpeng Town said that in the next step, we will rely on the Sericulture Research Institute of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences to further Strengthen the key technical guidance and related training work for silkworm farmers to plant mulberries and raise silkworms, instruct silkworm farmers to do a good job in mulberry orchard management, feeding, breeding, cocoon collection and other links, and promote the increase of sericulture production quantity and quality, and escort silkworm farmers to increase production and income. , so that mulberry and silkworm breeding has become the most dynamic "green industry" and "rich industry".

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